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Today’s Outfit: Fair Isle is My Favorite Isle

13 Dec

Fair Isle is a highly complicated, very involved technique in knitting. My novice hands cower at the thought of the intricacy of this stitch so I leave it to the experts (i.e. not me).  This open-front, draped cardigan is of the Fair Isle kind and I fell in love with the bright colors (pink and blue? yes please!) and homey, comfy feel of the yarn. Thrown over some black skinnies and a tank (also complete with draping across the front) and I had one of the world’s simplest outfits.  Oooh, then uplift me with those 5″ heels.

Cardigan by Asos

Pants from Gap | Top from Nordstrom house brand

Pumps by Pour La Victoire


Today’s Outfit: A Blue Cardigan

16 Mar

I have been obsessed with royal blue these days. So I peered into my closet knowing that I wanted to wear this cardigan, to create an ensemble around it. “It” is a simple, half-sleeve, cotton cardigan from Nordstrom’s Brass Plum department. It’s the perfect color of blue and fits just perfectly. If careless, a cardigan can look like a grandpa sweater, over-sized, and ill-fitted. Since I never button cardis, I typically employ the one-size-small strategy to get a tailored look out of my knits.  To make the cardigan pop, I paired it with this neutral colored, silk top with an elastic waist. And, just so I wouldn’t get washed out by the neutral top, I tied on a pretty multi-colored scarf.  Here you go!


Top by Banana Republic  |  Cardigan from Nordstrom  |  Skinny Pants by Joe’s Jeans  |  Booties from Aerosoles




Today’s Outfit: Working the Workout Wear

10 Jan

Would you believe this shirt is a workout halter top?  It is. I bought it never intending to wear it to the gym. It’s just too pretty. In the summer, it works on its own. In the winter, I throw a jacket or a cardigan (like today) over it.  There’s versatility in so many of today’s workout apparel and I say, use it!  Some of it is just too pretty and too comfortable to be wasted in your huff-puff-sweat.  If you can find versatility in your clothes, use it whenever possible.  Take summer clothes into the winter.  Make eveningwear something for daytime.  Just get creative with layers and accessories and you’ll see how far you can take your wardrobe. Believe me, it’s far.


Top by Lucy  |  Cardigan from Express  |  Pants by JCrew  |  Shoes by Max Studio  |  Socks by We Love Colers


Today’s Outfit: Comfy Cardigan

8 Dec

In Monday’s post, I examined my co-workers’ outfits and was inspired today, by Shelley’s comfy/cozy cardigan sweater.  So I pulled out one of my own. While it’s a different style, I feel like I accomplished what I wanted–prettiness, warmth (it’s below 30 here!), and color. Oh, and because it’s so cold with zero humidity, I don’t suffer from the frizzies which means I can wear my hair straight (such a novelty)!


Cardigan from Mexx (about 6 years ago, it’s not even around anymore)  |  Lacy camisole by Gold Hawk  |  Pants by Gap  | Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Today’s Outfit: Mixing Prints

1 Dec

I love a good print. I love two or three at the same time.  In fact, I think I own more prints than solids. Someone once told me that my clothes would make good subjects for still life paintings.  Maybe he was right. In any case, today, I’ve taken two prints – small squares and bold stripes – in a similar color palette and mashed them up. The result? I think it turned out fun. I certainly feel like fun. 

 Top from Nordstrom  |  Draped vest by Honey Punch  |  Pants by the Limited  |  Shoes by Marco Santi

Today’s Outfit: My Favorite Necklace

18 Nov
Sometimes, I’ll build an outfit around one specific item. Today, it was this necklace.  I bought this in Argentina when I was there this past March. I came back with loads of jewelry, and this piece is one of my favorites. So when I looked in my closet and saw all my hanging treasures this morning, I decided this was the sun around which all  other parts of my outfit must revolve. Also, I should note that everything I’m wearing today, with the exception of my boots, is under $50.  Sometimes, the Target tank is just as great (if not better) as the James Perse ($40+) or Three Dots ($40+)  version.

Pants by the Limited  (Jodi Arnold Collection)  |  Tank by Mossimo  |  Cardigan by Brass Plum (Nordstrom house brand) 


My favorite necklace (for today, anyway)


Chic Girl of the Day: Michelle

7 Dec

Casual Friday at it’s most chic. Michelle has recently been expanding her wardrobe parameters (with a little encouragement from me). Working in marketing with me, she has no choice but to think outside her fashion box! Her outfits are always impeccable and always fit her like a glove. But she has been exploring more creative ways to put her wardrobe together.   This outfit from Friday is proof positive.


The red, shawl collar sweater is a warm alternative to a structured blazer and the deep v is a universally flattering neckline. But, to give it some shape, she added a wide belt that shows off her itsy-bitsy waist. (As an alternative she could easily wear this same cardigan open and un-belted for a slouchy, but pulled together look.) She’s brought in well-fitted, straight-legged jeans that make her look slender, tall, and modern.

And, my favorite…kick-ass black, peep toe, platform pumps that look like they belong on a rock star from the mid-80s (scoot over Mötley Crüe!).

Notice her dark-framed glasses and add them to these shoes–it’s a well-orchestrated combination of edge and funk.

Let’s not forget her swooping bangs, flippy, strawberry blonde hair–it’s a do that is done right.

Trés chic, trés magnifique, trés Meee-chelle.