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Today’s Outfit: Post-Holiday Sparkle

3 Jan

Just because the holidays have passed doesn’t mean the sparkle needs to fade.  On the contrary.  Now’s the time to wear your finest shimmery-metallic-sequined-blingy type stuff  and glimmer through the bitter winter months.

Dress by Zara | Tights by Spanx | Booties by Steven

The dress is a simple dolman sleeved, shift style.  It’s a throw on, really.  Sleeves hit just above my wrists, in a mini length (but not too mini) so it works great with super high-heels or knee-high boots. The simple gray knit comes to life with golden thread – my winter shimmer – woven throughout.  And, since I can get bored in most monochrome situations, I added in a slouched belt to break it up a bit.



Today’s Outfit: Faux Fur Vest

15 Dec

I can’t abide by real fur (no judgement, just my personal preference). But I do love pretty much anything reminiscent of animals in fashion – prints, fur, skins, and the like. So I made my first step into faux fur with this vest.  And, even though it’s fake  it is still remarkably warm and soft.  I can’t say much more (because the vest really speaks for itself) except this: if you haven’t yet tried some faux fur, be fearless and give it a shot.

Vest by Collection 18 | Pants by Kenneth Cole | Boots by Pour La Victoire | Belt by Calvin Klein | Chain necklace from Forever 21

To be honest, the stripes on this vest are entirely too symmetrical so I’m not certain what animal I’m supposed to be representing. But really, who cares? It’s meant to be fun. Aren’t we having fun?

Today’s Outfit: Fair Isle is My Favorite Isle

13 Dec

Fair Isle is a highly complicated, very involved technique in knitting. My novice hands cower at the thought of the intricacy of this stitch so I leave it to the experts (i.e. not me).  This open-front, draped cardigan is of the Fair Isle kind and I fell in love with the bright colors (pink and blue? yes please!) and homey, comfy feel of the yarn. Thrown over some black skinnies and a tank (also complete with draping across the front) and I had one of the world’s simplest outfits.  Oooh, then uplift me with those 5″ heels.

Cardigan by Asos

Pants from Gap | Top from Nordstrom house brand

Pumps by Pour La Victoire

Today’s Outfit: Tights are the Best Accessory

12 Dec

Q: What’s the fastest way to make a simple outfit come to life?

A: Wear brightly colored tights.

It’s a no-brainer, really.  If I don’t want to think too much about piecing an outfit together, I go all-black and pull on some cheerful tights.  Color blocking (juxtaposing large areas of bright colors in one outfit) doesn’t ever seem to go out of style, and this is a subtle approach to that trend.  Besides being a fantastic cobalt blue, my tights are soft, supple, and super opaque (not to mention, warm).


Sweater dress by Mango (via Bogota, Colombia) | Tights by Wolford


 Shoes by Karen Millen…it was one of those moments where I popped into a store I’d never noticed and the stars aligned. Last pair. About 90% off retail (we’re talking under $50….I know!) and they fit like a glove.  Patent leather, 5″ heel, 1.5″ platform and a fitted ankle strap.  Can we say “magic”? 

Today’s Outfit: Ever Wear White?

6 Dec

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Or when it’s raining? Or, on a day other than your wedding? Whoever that person is, is downright crazy.  There’s something about white that is always fresh, clean, and airy. White breathes and feels approachable and unfussy. This dress, a short, baby-doll style, inspires a little bounce in my step. I wear this dress and immediately want to throw my hair up in what a co-worker calls my “fun bun”.

In my mind, defying the gross, gray weather outside with a white dress is the right way to keep one’s spirit uplifted.  You’d be surprised what kind of impact our clothes have on our mindsets (and others’ as well).   Plus, wearing all white catches the eyes of people around me.  I appreciate that kind of attention. If you’ve never worn all white, hop to it.


Dress by Jil Stuart | Tights by Spanx | booties by Report | Scarf…unknown



Break up a monochromatic outfit (which can be flat, sometimes) with a cheerful bit of color, like my scarf.   It adds a spark of interest and will bring out the rosiness in your cheeks (and everyone has a little rosiness to give).

Today’s Outfit: Seeing Red

30 Nov

Though I didn’t wear this top in the spirit of the coming holidays, it just so happened to go with the tree in the lobby of my office building.  That said, bring on the holiday cheer! It’s red, it’s happy, it’s energizing, and in China, it’s good luck.  Everyone has a shade of red that works for them; we just have to be smart about how to find it. Here’s good rule: If your skin has pink or bluish undertones, go with reds that fall into a purply-berry category (I’m speaking non-scientifically now; bear with me).  If you have yellow undertones in your skin, go with more firey, tomato-y types of reds.  My top walks the line between the two categories of red but that’s just my style…now go find your own red.



 Top by Walter | Jeans by Mavi | Shoes by Calvin Klein



Today’s Outfit: OMG, DVF

28 Nov

Diane von Furstenberg knows women and how women want to dress. Besides perfecting the wrap dress (the most iconic design and universally flattering dress), DVF knows what’s up with a woman’s body and she intuits how women want to feel when they get dressed. We want to feel like ladies – sultry and strong, impactful and feminine.   Her designs are classic in silhouette but current  in color, print, and style (read: they don’t ever go out of style – EVER).  I bought this dress at a crazy 7th on Sale sample sale maybe four years ago and it’s still a favorite–hands down.

Dress by DVF | Boots by Steve Madden

Tuxedo ruffle collar,  Psychedelic print,  Stretch silk