Today’s Outfit: Ever Wear White?

6 Dec

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Or when it’s raining? Or, on a day other than your wedding? Whoever that person is, is downright crazy.  There’s something about white that is always fresh, clean, and airy. White breathes and feels approachable and unfussy. This dress, a short, baby-doll style, inspires a little bounce in my step. I wear this dress and immediately want to throw my hair up in what a co-worker calls my “fun bun”.

In my mind, defying the gross, gray weather outside with a white dress is the right way to keep one’s spirit uplifted.  You’d be surprised what kind of impact our clothes have on our mindsets (and others’ as well).   Plus, wearing all white catches the eyes of people around me.  I appreciate that kind of attention. If you’ve never worn all white, hop to it.


Dress by Jil Stuart | Tights by Spanx | booties by Report | Scarf…unknown



Break up a monochromatic outfit (which can be flat, sometimes) with a cheerful bit of color, like my scarf.   It adds a spark of interest and will bring out the rosiness in your cheeks (and everyone has a little rosiness to give).


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