Today’s Outfit: A Funky Sweater

11 Nov

Casual Friday. Whipping wind. Must. Wear. Sweater.  The problem? Chunky knits make me feel, well, chunky. They add bulk, they don’t fit under my coats, and they just plain annoy me. But once in a while, I find a sweater that accomplishes warmth without making me feel like I’m in a sumo suit (though if I ever was, I’d absolutely take a photo and post it here because those are just funny). This funky sweater is one of those sweaters.

Bring on da knit, bring on da funk.


Sweater by Lumiere | Jeans by Mavi

It’s funky due to the asymmetric knit (a knit 1/purl 2 stitch for those needle-knowers out there), uneven dolman sleeves, and an off-the-shoulder neckline. Super warm, but not overly thick (makes me happy in this unpredictable office climate).


Even funkier because one of the shoulders has an open, non-patterned weave, exposing just that one arm.  Lastly, one sleeve is longer than the other.  You have to get used to the way this sweater feels on your body – one arm is more exposed, one sleeve hits my wrist and the other, just at my elbow. But it’s a really cool option for feeling cozy.

Get down. Get funky.


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