Today’s Outfit: Reds

27 Sep

When I first saw this belt and my top together, I thought, “Hm. Two very different reds.”  And then I thought, “Wow, two very different reds!”  The selection was not of my doing, but that of one who has a very keen eye and specific opinion on women’s clothes and the beauty therein. So I took the suggestion, put it on and we both said, “That works.”  And, it does.  The lesson? Red on red, blue on blue, green on green – just start layering those colors.

The top, berry colored silk, was bought at a serious-business sample sale (meaning, I jammed downtown on my lunch hour, smoke coming off my heels with my friend in tow, to get the best stuff before it was gone!). Miguelina is the brand, love is in my heart. Pants are the Editor, from Express.  Shoes from Max Studio. Faux-croc, extra-wide belt was a gift from my sister.

Early morning, a hot and sticky autumn in Brooklyn

Photos by Ben Lazar


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