It’s Go Time: Today’s Outfit is Back

16 Sep

I’ve taken a hiatus for the summer for a couple reasons.  First, I found myself consistently covered in a layer of sweat making for not very good photos (at least not for this kind of blog). Second, I felt a bit uninspired to find new and compelling things to say about my clothes. And, if I was uninspired, likely you would be too.  So, I took a rest because, let’s face it – even God had a day of rest.

So now, it’s fall and the weather is suddenly crisp and cool (literally overnight it morphed from sweltering to invigorating). I love the brief moments of seasonal shift in this city – they only last a few weeks but they’re downright glorious and remind me of why I love it here so much.  And last night, after I left an amazing dinner in a charming, cozy French bistro sated on squab and risotto (which is Italian, I know), my companion and I remarked on how f*cking awesome the fall in NY is.

Suddenly, I became inspired.  

It’s a simple outfit, really.  Bell bottom jeans (Gap) in gray/blue  |  Blazer by Next (bought in the UK).  All I need in 60-degree weather is a jacket like this to keep me from catching a chill  |  a sheer, poncho -style water color top (bought in a sample sale frenzy, tag gone!)  |  Boots by Nine West  | Charm necklace was the gift from  a wonderful friend who knows the value of costume jewelry.

Here’s a better look at my poncho top. It’s a sheer fabric, fluid and draped, which makes it light and airy and easily layered. I feel a bit ethereal when I wear it which is fun since I’m the complete opposite of anything ethereal.  And, the colors are among my favorite – blues and purples with everything in between. Notice my extra-long charm necklace…notice it!

This charm necklace jingles as I walk making it very difficult to sneak up on any co-worker – not that I do that sort of thing. It also makes it difficult to rob a bank – not that I do that sort of thing. I love any jewelry that makes noise. It’s a feminine, dainty sound that feels cheerful. I like to imagine I’m sprinkling pixie dust wherever I walk (c’mon, work with me here). Thank you, Christina.


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