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Today’s Outfit: Casual Friday

30 Sep

Even though I can take liberties on the side of casual everyday, I still feel like it’s a special day when I can wear jeans to work.  So here are my jeans, made dressy with a silk jacket, made casual with a cotton stretch tank, made cool with black platforms.

Taken outside my office building – beautiful day in NY, perfect for a late lunch.

Jeans from Levis ||  Jacket by Trina Turk || Tank from Target

(notice Saks bag in background)

Notice my glee as I revel in what’s inside my Saks bag (can we say Pour La Victoire?)

Shoes on my feet by Calvin Klein

Shopping is tough.  But I can take it.

Photos by Ben Lazar


Today’s Outfit: Turquoise Heels

29 Sep

For some women, heels are torture.  For me, they’re a state of mind and non-negotiable.  Get in the mindset that heels make a woman more authentically a woman. So stop whining and put on some heels–it’s your duty as a lady.  And by all means, make them fun. These heels below are the center of my outfit today. All I know is when I woke up,  I wanted to wear these shoes and whatever I put on as an outfit was a mere accessory to the turquoise heels.

Caramel colored leather, turquoise heels and interior.  They  rock about 5″ in height, totally walkable, and I can wear them with anything || Kenneth Cole

Silk top by Penguin || Cargo Skinnies from Gap || Hair….a signature “fun bun.” Let’s just say that the humidity in NYC requires an up-do. If my shoes are fun, so can be my hair.  Thanks John Freida!

Today’s Outfit: Reds

27 Sep

When I first saw this belt and my top together, I thought, “Hm. Two very different reds.”  And then I thought, “Wow, two very different reds!”  The selection was not of my doing, but that of one who has a very keen eye and specific opinion on women’s clothes and the beauty therein. So I took the suggestion, put it on and we both said, “That works.”  And, it does.  The lesson? Red on red, blue on blue, green on green – just start layering those colors.

The top, berry colored silk, was bought at a serious-business sample sale (meaning, I jammed downtown on my lunch hour, smoke coming off my heels with my friend in tow, to get the best stuff before it was gone!). Miguelina is the brand, love is in my heart. Pants are the Editor, from Express.  Shoes from Max Studio. Faux-croc, extra-wide belt was a gift from my sister.

Early morning, a hot and sticky autumn in Brooklyn

Photos by Ben Lazar

Today’s Outfit: Adding On

26 Sep

My dress is really simple. Cynthia Steffe, black, cap sleeve, T-shirt style.  The only detail it has is the exposed back zipper — a detail I’m seeing on lots of dresses lately (though, I bought this dress two years ago so I consider myself ahead of the curve).  Since the dress is simple, I am immediately yawning out of boredom and that’s never a good thing. I’m compelled to add, add, and add.  As I always say, more is more. Booties + bracelet + really, super-cool, beaded belt and my dress leaves simple-ville on a one-way track to embellish-town.



Bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane

Beaded, stretch belt from Kenneth Cole

Booties by Marcos Santi

Exposed back zipper

Today’s Outfit: Feeling Blue?

22 Sep

Well, between the rain and overcast gray skies, yes, I feel a little blue. Navy, that is–the best kind of blue.


Dark trouser jeans are my favorite because they are perfect for work and always look good. These are by Hudson, purchased while in DC visiting one of my best friends. When I put these on, she said, "Zo, you need to get them." And like a good shopper, I listened. || My top (by Chelsea Flower) is matte silk with big, dolman poet sleeves and a ballet neck.

Another one of my amazing leather bracelets, given to me by a terrific friend. This one boasts painted leather and beads threaded over the surface.

Gotta make a statement (necklace). Because let's don't lie - navy on navy can get pretty dull. This multi-strand number has seafoam green and gray beads and breaks up the navy blue background with some earthy texture. Purchased from Banana Republic.

Today’s Outfit: Boots & Bare Legs

20 Sep

Boots & Bare Legs: my solution to reconcile a confusing time of year, weather-wise a, at least.  I can’t wear my super warm and cozy sweater dresses,  yet most summer dresses are a distant memory. What to do in this 60-70 degree range with possible chance of showers??

Combine the essence of each season.

For me today, this means a darkly colored  silk dress and knee-high, suede boots with bare legs.  The boots cover enough of my legs so I don’t feel inappropriately bare. And, by omitting stockings or leggings, I’m not sweating from the knees if I walk 10 blocks.  But, I’ve seen the conflict that women endure about whether it’s OK to don leather boots over their bare gams. So if you’re in that pool of unnecessarily conflicted ladies, another option for a seasonal mash-up is to combine a pretty maxi dress with a blazer and flat riding boots. Try lightweight trousers, pumps and a sleeveless top.  The truth is, this in-between weather isn’t rocket science to decipher.  No rules here, just get dressed!


Zebra Print, Silk Dress by Orion  |  Boots by Report

Attack of the Zebras! It’s animal day here in NYC.

Today’s Outfit: A Bright Sight

19 Sep

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m dazzled by color. And, why shouldn’t I be?  As far as I can tell, wearing color can lift a mood and refresh a spirit – mine and yours.  And so I personally want to lift your mood and make you smile with today’s outfit. Everything orbits around my printed top as if it were the sun (go with me, here).  When I wear a print that jumps off my clothes (like this), I let the rest of the outfit fade into the background – this time with all black  (though, I’m not completely opposed to pairing this top with a pinstripe…maybe next time).   Are you smiling yet?

Top by Hale Bob  |  Knit Shrug by Sweet Pea  |  Super Skinny Pants from Gap  | Strappy, 4.5″ Heels  by Max Studio

Leather bracelet from Kenneth Cole. I love leather accessories – shoes, bags, wallets, and even jewelry like this bracelet. I have a growing collection of leather bracelets in a variety of colors, some with hardware, some not. But they all accomplish one thing – they make an outfit look a little bit rock star and a lotta bit cool.