Fashion Inspiration: Stuff That People Compliment Me For

23 May

I walked into a charming boutique today (Sunday) in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, Neda, to hear a saleswoman say, “I looove your shoes! Where did you get them?” (Talk about a fabulous way to be greeted!) I told her proudly, “DKNY.” And so, I present to you my nude platform wedges. These will take me through this season and the next few summers…6″ of nude, suede, ankle-wrapped love. They’re my BFFs for the summer (because I’m 5’8″ when I wear them). But I can share the love.

DKNY Margaret Ankle Wrap Wedge, $140

Fragrance is part of a person’s image.  We recognize people by their scent, more often than we even stop to think of it. And, if you’re like me, you become loyal to fragrances or similar types of scents.  This fragrance, Success is a Job in New York by Bond No. 9 New York, was my first fragrance departure in over a decade (up until that point, I was in an exclusive relationship with Angel by Thierry Mugler).  This scent is so unique and so exceptionally wonderful, combining all of the notes that develop well for my specific body chemistry. It has spicy cardamom and nutmeg, a slight hint of jasmine, patchouli, and is softened by vanilla. I own the both perfume and the body creme and when I get close up to someone, I inevitably get a compliment that goes something like, “Oh, what’s that perfume? I love it.”

Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York, $160 (50ml)

Finally, clean, manicured hands are as important as a good haircut or well-fitted pair of black pants.  We extend your hands to meet new people,  point and gesture as we speak, touch people we know many times a day. Who wants to be touched by unpleasant looking fingers? Not me.  Trust, trust, trust me when I say that manicured hands are part of one’s overall personal image.  Since I like to bring color into everything in my life, manis are no exception. Whenever I wear Sexy Divide by Essie, someone will always proclaim, “Wow, that’s a fantastic color!” Well, it is.

Sexy Divide by Essie, $8 (any local drugstore or nail salon)


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