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Today’s Maternity Fabulousity: Maternity Maxi Dress

27 May

I work with Shelley (she’s the boss!) and she’s fast approaching the end of her pregnancy. I’ve seen a collection of terrific maternitywear over the past few months, but today she donned one of my absolute favorite maternity looks: the maxi dress. A maternity maxi is both adorable and sexy, chic while still airy. Shelley’s wearing a simple black maxi with a V-neckline, a white cardigan with frayed ruffles, and beautiful turquoise beads.  There’s nothing frumpy about this outfit – it’s fabulousity maternity-style.

Dress by Ripe  |  Cardigan by Pea in the Pod  |  Beads by JCrew


Today’s Outfit: Citrus Colored Skirt

27 May

It’s officially summer and I celebrate this with this a super bright, citrus-y skirt. I bought this skirt many years ago at the Kate Spade outlet just outside of Chicago. It’s signature Kate Spade – super bright, and very pretty. When I first laid eyes on it, I thought, I’m not sure I’m a polkadot kind of girl. Turns out, I am. What’s great about these dots is that they are placed in random order without any sort of pattern, they’re stitched versus printed, and they’re both open and closed dots.  These details give a run-of-the-dot polka pattern a fresher look.  I feel bright and ready for Memorial Day weekend – it’s a good weekend to turn 33.

Wrap Skirt by Kate Spade  |  Top by Classique (Nordstrom house brand)  |  Platforms by DKNY

Today’s Outfit: Pour La Victoire

26 May

Pour La Victoire = the maker of my shoes. Pour La Victoire = For the VictoryThe Victory = My Victory. This is one of my most favorite accessory brands. The designs are rock star cool, made of supple leather, with just enough hardware and details to toughen up any outfit (without making you look like a Motley Crue groupie….not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I own several pairs of Pour La Victoire shoes and boots. And, my love affair with this particular pair stems from the fact that the color is the luscious caramel I dream of (if I can’t eat it, I’ll wear it).

Shoes by Pour La Victoire  |  Black Skinny Pants from Gap  |  Top by One.September (bought at Anthropologie) | Braclets were a gift from a previous colleage

Side view – 5 leather knots and cut-out straps, plus a 3/4″ platform

You can see that the knots are intricately threaded from one side of the shoe to the other, creating one continous piece of leather that secures my feet. It’s these details that separate a Pour La Victoire from a Pour La Non-Victoire.

Today’s Outfit: Watercolor Poncho

24 May

Light and airy was my mindset of the morning, since it’s about 80 degrees here in NY.   Today’s top continues my evangelical campaign in favor of ponchos and anything that resembles a poncho or cape (what is this now, 10 or 12 tops with this silhouette?).  This top is as comfortable as a T-shirt but prettier than one, and the off-the-shoulder neckline is flattering for me (as it is for most women; ladies, employ this immediately).  Between the top’s oversized sleeves and my pants darted waisteline, there’s a lot of volume being created in the mid-section. My remedy is to wear really high shoes and pull my hair back so that A) I look taller (tall = lean) and B) draw attention to my face (and away from the waistline).  And, I couldn’t resist a pop of contrasting color to the tune of neon yellow.

Top by Body Language  |  Pants by JCrew  |  Pumps by Nine West  |  Necklace from a street vendor in Soho



Today’s Outfit: Costello Tagliapietra for Uniqlo

23 May

Last week, I mentioned how much I enjoy a design collaboration between a luxury brand and a mass-market retailer.  The beauty of these creative combinations is that people who cannot afford the high-ticket designs get to experience the spirit and genius of the brand at a price they can afford. There’s also an element of exclusivity in these collaborations because they’re typically limited-editions, one-time-only situations.  It makes me feel like I’m getting something very, very special.  And, I did!  

Below is a dress by Costello Tagliapietra, a brand typically found in the likes of Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman department stores or on the runways of New York Fashion Week.  The dress is part of a limited-time collaboration with Uniqlo, a Japanese brand that offers simple, sporty and casual fashions at very reasonable prices. Think of Uniqlo as a cross between JCrew and American Apparel.  Below, is my Costello.


Uniqlo, $29 

The dress is made of cotton jersey with a draping details at the hips, a built-in waist belt, a V-neckline, and short dolman sleeves. The color is the kind of blue-violet that turns blue when paired with purple, and purple when paired with blue. And, it has pockets!


 And a close up of my scarf – silk, pink paisley bought at the Young Designers Market in NYC ($15)

Fashion Inspiration: Stuff That People Compliment Me For

23 May

I walked into a charming boutique today (Sunday) in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, Neda, to hear a saleswoman say, “I looove your shoes! Where did you get them?” (Talk about a fabulous way to be greeted!) I told her proudly, “DKNY.” And so, I present to you my nude platform wedges. These will take me through this season and the next few summers…6″ of nude, suede, ankle-wrapped love. They’re my BFFs for the summer (because I’m 5’8″ when I wear them). But I can share the love.

DKNY Margaret Ankle Wrap Wedge, $140

Fragrance is part of a person’s image.  We recognize people by their scent, more often than we even stop to think of it. And, if you’re like me, you become loyal to fragrances or similar types of scents.  This fragrance, Success is a Job in New York by Bond No. 9 New York, was my first fragrance departure in over a decade (up until that point, I was in an exclusive relationship with Angel by Thierry Mugler).  This scent is so unique and so exceptionally wonderful, combining all of the notes that develop well for my specific body chemistry. It has spicy cardamom and nutmeg, a slight hint of jasmine, patchouli, and is softened by vanilla. I own the both perfume and the body creme and when I get close up to someone, I inevitably get a compliment that goes something like, “Oh, what’s that perfume? I love it.”

Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York, $160 (50ml)

Finally, clean, manicured hands are as important as a good haircut or well-fitted pair of black pants.  We extend your hands to meet new people,  point and gesture as we speak, touch people we know many times a day. Who wants to be touched by unpleasant looking fingers? Not me.  Trust, trust, trust me when I say that manicured hands are part of one’s overall personal image.  Since I like to bring color into everything in my life, manis are no exception. Whenever I wear Sexy Divide by Essie, someone will always proclaim, “Wow, that’s a fantastic color!” Well, it is.

Sexy Divide by Essie, $8 (any local drugstore or nail salon)

Fashion Trends: Costello Taglipietra for Uniqlo

20 May

I love, love when high-end designers do lines for mass-market retail.  Target (Calypso, Tucker) was among the first to make this happen in a big way partnering with contemporary (and very, very expensive) designers to create limited-edition lines for the majority of middle-class America.  H&M has also done some extraordinary pairings – Karl Lagerfeld and Lanvin are just a couple.  With these surprising collections, the average Jane can experience the spirit of a fashion week-level brand.

Yesterday, I discovered that Uniqlo has jumped on this train when I strolled in on Saturday. I saw three tremendously chic names hanging on the racks – Vena Cava, Charlotte Ronson and my favorite, Costello Taglipietra. Each priced under $30, these Costello frocks at Uniqlo aren’t the runway-ready designs, but offer the essence of the designer through a small collection of simple pieces.

I couldn't grab each image individually (Uniqlo has a lock on their site). What I can tell you (since I was there) is that each of these pieces looks architechturally complicated but they're actually soft and stretchy, and made extremely well. A soft palette of neutrals and simple T-shirt styles with perks, this collection is worthwhile and a first step toward the runway silhouettes of traditional Costello.