Shoe Necessities: The Pump

11 Apr

There’s no question that pumps are a woman’s standby shoe for all occasions. Low heel, high heel, in-between heel, straps, round toe, pointed toe….you name it, there is a version of the pump for any and every woman. The pump that I am about to wholeheartedly endorse is moderately priced, mid-height, and comes in a variety of colors. No, the pump isn’t by Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, or Ferragamo. While those pumps are exquisite works of art, I’m talking about a shoe that a woman can actually wear, walk, work and play in.  (Let’s face it, Loubis are made for looking pretty and very little movement.)  No, the pump I’m over the moon about is the Ambitious pump from Nine West.

1.  It’s comfortable: a 4″ heel is barely noticeable thanks to the rounded toe and perfectly placed heel

2.  It has a slender heel: no, it’s not a thick, clunky heel as one might expect. The heel is actually slender, borderline stiletto

3.  It comes in several colors, including the standards – black and nude (among patterns and turquoise)

4.  It’s under $100 (and even on sale right now!)

Buy this pump, take care of it the way you would a designer shoe (get it resoled, change out the plastic heel) and I promise it will last you. I leave the shopping to you.


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