Fashion Trends: MINI, Midi, Maxi Skirts

4 Apr

Mini skirts are fun and flirty, but have to be worn the right way. First, if you wear minis, it should be because your legs are your best feature.  Nothing can ruin a woman’s look faster than something unflattering or ill-fitted.  A mini-skirt is flattering on no one except a woman with great legs (I have to accept it too).  Second, wear mini-skirts with class.  Choose the right accompanying pieces and a style fit for grown-ups.  At the office, pair a skirt like this with a silk blouse and a tailored blazer, hosiery and pumps.  If you wear this skirt on a Saturday afternoon, pair it with low sandals or ballet flats, and a scoop neck t-shirt and cardigan.  Finally, if you wear this on a night out, take it to the edge with bare legs and super-high heels.

The box pleats give this mini a little bit of traditional flair, and the banded waist sits right at the navel (low-rise is for twenty-somethings).  The pockets make it modern.

Pippa Madison ($98)


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