Today’s Outfit: Stripes this way and that way

29 Mar

The jacket is the piece around which I orchestrated my outfit. It’s white with raised, stitched pinstripes (Trapunto stitching is the proper term for a raised, textured stitch) in black.  Typically, I love bright white with super dark denim, so I chose these jeans from Paper Denim Cloth. The contrast of white on dark denim is very strong; the white brightly beams.  Since I was beaming, I didn’t want to drag the outfit down with a boring black tank – no way. I decided on a complementary print instead – something that would offset the vertical stripes of the blazer. I love combining prints so this diagonally-striped top was just the partner for my jacket. The resulting outfit is colorful and playful, and requires very little accessorizing – the stripes are enough.  

Jacket  from Express (bought in 2004)  |  Jeans by Paper Denim Cloth  |  Top from Eva Franco  |  Open-Toe Booties by Marco Sarti


Close up of the stripes, going this way and that way


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