Today’s Outfit: Mine and a Guest

17 Mar

Let’s get mine out of the way first, because if you scroll down further, you’ll see an even cooler outfit. 

Dress, dress, dress.  I love the vertical zig-zag print on this dress. It’s essentially an extra long T-shirt, but the details are what make it more interesting. First, berry pink and black is such a gorgeous combination of colors.  Second, there’s a T-shirt pocket and slight raglan sleeves, with a dropped seam on the shoulder.  Normally, these details would make for a slouchy, sloppy look, but because the fabric is so heavy, it drapes over the body so it offers the illusion of being more fitted.  Add tights and my fave boots and I’m happy, comfortable, and chic. Oui?

Dress by Ali Ro  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Boots by Report

Peep the print


And now, Jenn, my co-worker. She’s sporting the coolest of cool hot pink skinnies!  And, the kicker? She got these for $.99 on eBay!  Topped with simple white V-neck, a subtle floral scarf and a heather gray blazer. This outfit is fresh, fresh, fresh!


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