Today’s Outfit: A Blue Cardigan

16 Mar

I have been obsessed with royal blue these days. So I peered into my closet knowing that I wanted to wear this cardigan, to create an ensemble around it. “It” is a simple, half-sleeve, cotton cardigan from Nordstrom’s Brass Plum department. It’s the perfect color of blue and fits just perfectly. If careless, a cardigan can look like a grandpa sweater, over-sized, and ill-fitted. Since I never button cardis, I typically employ the one-size-small strategy to get a tailored look out of my knits.  To make the cardigan pop, I paired it with this neutral colored, silk top with an elastic waist. And, just so I wouldn’t get washed out by the neutral top, I tied on a pretty multi-colored scarf.  Here you go!


Top by Banana Republic  |  Cardigan from Nordstrom  |  Skinny Pants by Joe’s Jeans  |  Booties from Aerosoles





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