Today’s Outfit: Inspired by TV

7 Mar

I’ll admit it: I’ve been style-inspired by Sex and the City reruns. There was one episode where the ladies were baffled by various men and dating, you know the one. The foursome was walking down the street and Carrie was wearing boot cut trousers and, what looked like, a dress over them. Insert lightbulb overhead here. Blink! I have been searching (that’s right, I actually search for these things) for a reason to wear today’s dress again. I have looked at it repeatedly in my closet over the last year and got a snooze-o-rama feeling each time. But not this morning! It became ‘that’ dress over my pants. I know the SATC series is over and all, but let’s don’t lie – you and I both know those women knew how to dress.

Dress by Scarlett  |  Pants by Gap  |  Belt by Allessandro Miele 

Truth be told, this is a dress, but it’s quite a short one. It is better suited when layered over leggings or pants, like I’m wearing today.

A little closer to see the dress color, the belt details and the little bubbles frayed into the fabric. The shirring around the neckline and puffy sleeves make the dress playful, but the color brings it back down to earth.


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