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Today’s Outfit: Stripes this way and that way

29 Mar

The jacket is the piece around which I orchestrated my outfit. It’s white with raised, stitched pinstripes (Trapunto stitching is the proper term for a raised, textured stitch) in black.  Typically, I love bright white with super dark denim, so I chose these jeans from Paper Denim Cloth. The contrast of white on dark denim is very strong; the white brightly beams.  Since I was beaming, I didn’t want to drag the outfit down with a boring black tank – no way. I decided on a complementary print instead – something that would offset the vertical stripes of the blazer. I love combining prints so this diagonally-striped top was just the partner for my jacket. The resulting outfit is colorful and playful, and requires very little accessorizing – the stripes are enough.  

Jacket  from Express (bought in 2004)  |  Jeans by Paper Denim Cloth  |  Top from Eva Franco  |  Open-Toe Booties by Marco Sarti


Close up of the stripes, going this way and that way


Accessory Snapshot: Burst of Scarf

25 Mar

This scarf is a burst of color. It reminds me of a chewy, fruit flavored candy that starts with an S and ends with a Burst.  It’s a 60’s tie dye print, has a hobo feel, and is terrific for layering under a simple black jacket or over a plain dress.  Tie it in your hair, lazily loop it around your neck, pull it through your belt loops, make a big floppy bow close to your face. It’s such a funky and bold scarf that can bring your outfit to life (not to mention your spirits!).  Buy this burst of a scarf.

Michael Stars Punch Tie-Dye Scarf  |  $30



Accessory Snapshot: Suede Satchel

23 Mar

Sultry purple suede satchel. How do I love thee?  I really, really do.  Besides being extra big and roomy enough to tote every single essential item I could possibly think to throw in it, it’s a luxurious suede and perfectly constructed.  The 6″ drop on the handle makes it perfect for hanging in the crook of my arm.  The outside zipper pocket can fit quickly-accessible items like my keys, lip balm, and subway card.  The chain strap makes it suited to sling cross-body to free up my hands to pick up various shoes that I’m drooling over in a store I shouldn’t be in.  And the color, well, must I explain my love of purple?


Be&D Satchel  |  $360



Today’s Outfit: Tent Dress

23 Mar

This dress is one that I really have to be in the right mindset to wear.  It’s a tent dress (check it out in full tentage) and therefore, large and completely shapeless. Despite these less-than-flattering attributes, I love it. It’s a rich, winter white and the design details are endless: dropped shoulder seams, three fabric-covered buttons, textured fabric, and short sleeves.  It looks like a coat, it acts as a dress. But today, it acts as a tunic that’s been roughed up by jeans and a studded belt.


Dress by Jill Stuart  |  Jeans by SeeThroughSoul  |  Booties from Aerosoles



Above, you can see the textured fabric and below, check out the soft pinstripe in my jeans.

Accessory Snapshot: Twisted Bracelet

21 Mar

Take a look at this statement bracelet. It’s gold, silver, twisted chain,  textured and memorable. This bracelet goes to work and out after work. It’s the perfect topper for a little black dress (or a flowy blue silk one).  If you don’t feel like cobbling together an intricate outfit with colors and details, keep it plain and top it with one uber-fabulous accessory, and make sure it’s uber-uber. If you choose to invest in a statement piece of jewelry, make it one like this that has versatility and timelessness.  Metal chainwork is evergreen and chunky styles don’t ever seem to go away.  Get twisted.


Nissa Jewelry Silver and Gold Twist Bracelet |  $160

Today’s Outfit: Little Details

18 Mar

Today, I am loving the details. My outfit is really simple – an over-sized, off the shoulder T-shirt in leopard print and wide-leg trousers. In other words, a blank canvas for a couple extra somethin’ somethins. I like to wear my hair up with wide neck tops; I feel like it’s an elegant look and it makes me feel that way.  A tough leather belt and a cutesy broach along with my studded clogs are my details du jour. All together, I’m completely comfortable and ready for a casual Friday.  

Pants by Max Studio  |  Top by Dream Society  |  Belt by Calvin Klein  |  Clogs by Report  |  Cherry Pin from H&M




Today’s Outfit: Mine and a Guest

17 Mar

Let’s get mine out of the way first, because if you scroll down further, you’ll see an even cooler outfit. 

Dress, dress, dress.  I love the vertical zig-zag print on this dress. It’s essentially an extra long T-shirt, but the details are what make it more interesting. First, berry pink and black is such a gorgeous combination of colors.  Second, there’s a T-shirt pocket and slight raglan sleeves, with a dropped seam on the shoulder.  Normally, these details would make for a slouchy, sloppy look, but because the fabric is so heavy, it drapes over the body so it offers the illusion of being more fitted.  Add tights and my fave boots and I’m happy, comfortable, and chic. Oui?

Dress by Ali Ro  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Boots by Report

Peep the print


And now, Jenn, my co-worker. She’s sporting the coolest of cool hot pink skinnies!  And, the kicker? She got these for $.99 on eBay!  Topped with simple white V-neck, a subtle floral scarf and a heather gray blazer. This outfit is fresh, fresh, fresh!