Two Pretty Things: a Dress, a Bag

28 Feb

I spent Saturday afternoon wandering the upper east side with my great friend, Marisa. We popped into a store – Roberta Freymann – that had a ton of ethnic inspired, brightly colored, boldly printed frocks and jewels.  After touching and ooohing and ahhing, just as we were ready to leave, the sales woman pointed us to the sister boutique across the street – Ro’s Market.  We then popped over to the other store. On the second floor of Ro’s, we found endless racks of beautiful silk and cotton dresses, bags, rings, and scarves in a feast of colors.  The little store was the pot o’ gold at the end of its own rainbow. I’ve highlighted a couple fun, pretty things below. But, the store itself is far richer and plentiful in eye-popping wares.

I know, at first blush you’re thinking it’s a simple tunic/dress in a solid color, big deal.  However, don’t overlook the beautiful embroidery and delicate paisley pattern. Don’t disregard this dress because of its simplicity.  Instead, think it a blank (purple) canvas and add in:

–caramel colored, wrap belt

–leather wedge sandals

–earthy, multi-colored bangle bracelets


A beautiful beach bag, but who says it can’t double as a beautiful everything bag? Not me. Purple and orange are naturally contrasting colors; they look rich and almost juicy together, no? I’d use this as an overnight bag, a gym bag, a beach bag, and a whatever-I-can-throw-in-it bag.  What kinds of things would you toss in there? I mean, if I had a small dog, I may tote him around in this bag.


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