Today’s Outfit: Seasonless Silk

8 Feb

Let’s don’t lie, this dress is a summer dress.  What do I care, ? Pull on some tights, add in a cardigan (and if it was really cold, a super chunky one) and I’ve got an outfit made for, well, whatever the heck this season is right now in NY.  This dress and I have a love-hate thing. I love to love it and its colors hate me.  Silver, orange and neon yellow are bad, bad, and bad against my skin – totally out of my palette.  So I always wear this dress with something that is in my color palette – usually a scarf. But today, a royal blue cardigan (which is definitely one of my colors).  To a certain degree, all colors in some variation, shade, hue or saturation work on everyone. The key is finding which ones work for your individual skin.  It could mean the difference between having a luminous glow or looking sallow and ill.  You can go to a color professional or just hold different colored scarves or shirts  to your face in the natural light.You’ll see pretty quickly which colors work for you and which don’t.

Wow…I think this post went from a lesson about wardrobe versatility across seasons to the importance of knowing your colors.


Dress by Ali Ro  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Cardigan from Express  |  Belt from Urban Outfitters


A closer look at the print and colors  (this print counts as a ‘swirly’ one)


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