Today’s Outfit: Swirly

2 Feb

I own loads of prints: animal, geometric, dots, stripes, floral, watercolor, abstract and what I love to call ‘swirly’.  Aside from being dazzled by the variety of colors in prints, I also know how beneficial they can be to camouflage figure flaws. If a print is used smartly, it can tuck away the secrets of a not-so-flat tummy, an imperfect waist, or even give shape to a  stick-straight, boyish figure. I try to use them to my advantage because I’m no Gisele (I faced it, so should you), but I sometimes want to pretend I am.  This dress is a silk sheath with a swirly print  and can be worn as a tunic with leggings or as I did today, as a dress with tights. The print distracts from any one body part because the eye is pulled in various directions, never focusing on one thing for very long. It’s fitted but not tight and thin enough to layer (like I did with my cardigan).

Dress by Nicole Miller  |  Tights by American Apparel  |  Clogs by Report  |  Cardigan from Express

I love a platform clog. They keep my feet secured and stable and which means that the heel can be even higher! These are about 4.5″.  I’m a solid 5 feet 6.5 inches tall today. I’m giving Gisele a run for her model-money (sorta, but not really)




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