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Today’s Outfit: Pretty Purple

28 Feb

Is this top royal blue? Purple? Or royal purple? Depending on who I ask or what light I’m in, it’s all three. The top was a cute find at Forever 21 a couple seasons ago. I adore the little details on this shirt – the yoke across the chest that gives it a slight baby doll effect without going overboard, the shirred sleeves, and the tie around the neck.  I also like that it’s loosely fitted yet the material (viscose) makes it heavy so it skims the body, rather than creating extra volume.  It’s a sweet shirt in my favorite color that was a super-bargain. And, since it’s rainy and muggy, I wanted a creative way to wear my hair up and prevent frizzies. Today’s weather report called for this scarf.

Top from Forever 21  |  Jeans by Levis  |  Belt from Target  |  Booties by Rampage

Here’s a close-up so you can see the details of the top and a pretty floral scarf I scored at a Frock Swap last summer.


Two Pretty Things: a Dress, a Bag

28 Feb

I spent Saturday afternoon wandering the upper east side with my great friend, Marisa. We popped into a store – Roberta Freymann – that had a ton of ethnic inspired, brightly colored, boldly printed frocks and jewels.  After touching and ooohing and ahhing, just as we were ready to leave, the sales woman pointed us to the sister boutique across the street – Ro’s Market.  We then popped over to the other store. On the second floor of Ro’s, we found endless racks of beautiful silk and cotton dresses, bags, rings, and scarves in a feast of colors.  The little store was the pot o’ gold at the end of its own rainbow. I’ve highlighted a couple fun, pretty things below. But, the store itself is far richer and plentiful in eye-popping wares.

I know, at first blush you’re thinking it’s a simple tunic/dress in a solid color, big deal.  However, don’t overlook the beautiful embroidery and delicate paisley pattern. Don’t disregard this dress because of its simplicity.  Instead, think it a blank (purple) canvas and add in:

–caramel colored, wrap belt

–leather wedge sandals

–earthy, multi-colored bangle bracelets


A beautiful beach bag, but who says it can’t double as a beautiful everything bag? Not me. Purple and orange are naturally contrasting colors; they look rich and almost juicy together, no? I’d use this as an overnight bag, a gym bag, a beach bag, and a whatever-I-can-throw-in-it bag.  What kinds of things would you toss in there? I mean, if I had a small dog, I may tote him around in this bag.

One Hot Spring Thing: Wedge Sandals in Nude

25 Feb

A nude heel is the best way, hands down, without question, to make your legs look  long, lean and lithe.  The magic of nude heels is that they give your legs one monochromatic tone all way down to the floor.  This shoe combines two of my favorite details – a wedge heel with a nude color.  The slingback makes them easy to slip on and off and the leather is buttery and comfortable. Spring is coming. Get ready. Get these.

From  A sleek seamless leather upper cuts across the top of the foot for a flattering asymmetrical style. The wedge heel adds enough lift to keep legs looking long and lean.

Today’s Outfit: On the Fringe

24 Feb

Today, it’s all about pairing two completely different prints in shades of blue with a fab, fringy-drapy vest.  It’s rainy, yet warm(ish) today – a good day for a dress.  This tunic, while too short to wear bare-legged in the summer, is perfect with tights in the winter.  So I layered on a super-long draped vest with cool fringe that accents the unique print. What I love is that both the dress and the vest are harmonious in colors, but they don’t do a matchy-matchy-dance. My rule of thumb – it doesn’t have to ‘match’ as long as it ‘goes’.


Dress by Ella Moss  |  Vest & Belt by Allesandro Miele  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Clogs by Paruolo





One Hot Thing: Chevron Silk Dress

23 Feb

Back to, I found this terrific little dress with an over-sized chevron print. Chevron is a very classic print that is made up of multiple “V”s.  It can scale from tiny, to medium sized up to extra large, like on this dress. What makes this dress so cool is that the print is only on the top half and the V opens up toward her neckline, tapering at the waist. The result is a super-tiny waistline (or illusion of one).  Finally, because the skirt portion is solid black, all the emphasis is from the waist up and at the face – where it should be. Plus, at $88, it’s a reasonably priced silk frock.

Today’s Outfit: Tie Waist Poncho

22 Feb

Ponchos make me smile. This rendition is different from my others because it has a waist belt and extra fabric that creates draping down the front.  The draping gets cinched up in the belt I’m left with a dramatic and flirty look.   It’s super comfortable and the black/white color combination make way for a carnival of accessories, like my colorful necklace and peeping socks.

Pants from The Limited  |  Poncho by Allesandro Miele  |  Shoes by Max Studio  |  Socks from We Love Colors

Colorful socks just make my day.

Murano Glass from a street market in Florence, Italy

One Hot Thing: Starry Tunic

21 Feb

I’m so skeptical of what I call “clip art clothing”. You know – hearts, stars, moons, skulls, smileys, things that can be found in your standard clip art library? They’re so silly-looking and so dated…normally. But I was flipping through the March issue of Lucky and found a website that I wanted to explore:  As I was perusing the goods, I came across the Star Print Tunic (pictured below).  It’s clip art done right – the stars are sparsely placed and the fabric is silk.  It’s an edgy, Gothic, but very feminine take on ‘clip art couture’.

This photo is styled to show off the model’s legs, which most of us don’t have. In that case, pair this with a pair of jeans and heels, or thick, black leggings and flat boots. Or, if you have the gams, give this look a try – we’ll all just be over here, jealous and envious of how good you look.


Here’s a close up of the stars.  Just enough so that you can enjoy the print, but not too many so that it looks cheesy.