Today’s Outfit & Yesterday’s Outfit

27 Jan

It’s been a busy few days so I’m doing two outfits in one post. I’ll admit, it feels a little narcissistic putting up a ‘collection’ of photos of myself.  I’m being honest in saying that these the least fun photos I take. But I learned something a few days ago.  Ready? I often write for a site called 365 Days of Style and the question of the week was, “What do you do to track your fashion inspiration?” I realized, my blog and these photos are the log of my inspiration. I choose my outfits based on what I see in magazines, on my friends, co-workers and even super fashionable ladies on the street.  My daily choices are a reflection of what has inspired me from the previous day and my blog has slowly become record of that. Perhaps this blog will serve to inspire another woman’s outfit some time soon. Or, maybe it has already, in which case I truly feel some accomplishment. It could sound small to some,  but if someone took inspiration from a post and felt tremendous about herself as a result, then for a brief moment, taking these photos in my foyer is worth it. So with that, I give you two days!

Pants by JCrew  |  Socks by Betsey Johnson  |  Shoes from Argentina, by Paraulo  |  Top by Penguin


These shoes are open-toed, slingback clogs. Yes they’re clunky but the leather is soft as butter and the style…well, they’re a statement. I like statements.


Printed tunic by Orion  |  Cardigan from Express  |  Jeans by the Gap


Here you can see the wide-leg of the trouser – super comfy and funky



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