Fashion Inspiration: A Royal Affair

26 Jan

Royal blue is so satisfying to me. It’s bold, it’s indicative of royalty (if by nomenclature only). It’s a statement color and can’t be overlooked. When I wear anything royal blue, heads turn and it’s not because I’m having a good hair day.  Royal blue isn’t teal or turquoise, it’s not grayish or blue-black. It’s BLUE. While I adore anything royal blue, I’m particularly obsessed with royal blue handbags. There’s something about this blue as a metallic or supple leather – my eyes follow the bag like a creepy portrait painting tends to do.  Imagine the below bags next to a pair of red trousers or a yellow blouse.  Fantasize about these bags with an outfit in all white or all black. Keep imagining and as you do, check out my faves below. Even though one may be “cobalt” it’s all royalty to me.


Top Shop Blue Lock Handle Bag $110


Asos Leather Twist Lock Vintage Style Satchel $121


Furla Ardith S Banoil $149


Nikole Stamped Eco Leather Bowler Bag $193


Carlos Falchi Blue Patent Snake $185





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