Today’s Outfit: Start the Week off Cozy

24 Jan

This morning, it’s about ultimate comfort.  Unfortunately, many people mistake the idea of comfort to mean wearing sweats, tattered jeans, anything ‘big and baggy’, or (make it stop!) pajama bottoms. No. No. And, no. Being comfortable should mean wearing pieces that are well-made, streamlined, and tailored but have stretch, are made in cozy fabrics and move with your body.   This outfit consists of a T-shirt (the universal symbol of comfort), a long, wool cardigan and stretchy, skinny pants.  But you’ll notice that the T-shirt is adorned with some tissue-ruffle flowers, the cardigan is a pretty blue, and the pants are fitted.  Nothing looks sloppy or pajama-y. Think about what it means to be comfortable in your day wear. If what comes to mind are any of the items I initially mentioned, reevaluate, now and please.


Pants by Limited  |  Boots by Report  |  T by JCrew  |  Cardi by Iisli  |  Necklace from Forever 21



Close up of my necklace and T-shirt – it’s a fun, multi-strand necklace that jingles when I walk (a big plus, if you know me at all)


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