Today’s Outfit: Olive a Jacket

20 Jan

I saw a woman wearing an army green-slash-olive colored jacket yesterday and was reminded of my own. This simple little jacket, cotton with a touch of spandex, was purchased as I killed time in a Chicago mall years ago before a work event. I bought the same jacket in a light khaki color, but the olive became my favorite.   I’ve come to believe that olive is a neutral (as is purple, but that’s a whole different story) that is as versatile as any black, white or gray. I’ve worn this jacket over graphic-print dresses, multi-colored silk tops and simple white tanks. It’s a super-staple for me, at least. Here’s today’s iteration with my all-season, all-occasion olive colored jacket (and my friend, Hermes).


Jacket from NY & Company  |  Top by Splendid  |  Scarf by Hermes  |  Pants by Joe’s Jeans  |  Booties by Marco Sarti


Here’s it is a little closer so you can see the color of the jacket together with the plum shirt. And, of course, the Hermes ties it all together (no pun intended, but drool definitely intended)




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