Today’s Outfit: White as Snow

12 Jan

Seems when it snows, I feel compelled to wear white. It happened again today.  One might think that on a snowy day, a woman would want to wear pants so that she may cover her legs and be warm. Not so.  I prefer to wear dresses so that I may easily slip on my snow boots to trudge through the powdery snow banks and piles of slush.   That said, a dress today was the main event.

I confess, I often get confused by this particular one. It’s sort of in the style of a swing coat. I am compelled to put a belt around the middle to cinch it in, but then it becomes too short. When I leave it free, as it was made to do, I feel 10x larger.  This morning, I resolved to just let it be and wear it as it was created – loose and with tights.  I think I’ve finally embraced this dress more than I have in the past. And, I got a slurry of compliments so I must have done something right, right?

Dress by Jill Stuart  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Booties by Rampage  |  Necklace from H&M


I want to show the jacquard-like quality to the dress. The textural variations of the fabric add depth to the dress so that it doesn’t look like a solid white blob. And by blob, I mean mumu.


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