Fashion Finds: Perpetually Pretty Polka Dots

5 Jan

I love a good dot.  Polka dots are so classic and feminine.  Expand your mind! Go beyond the typical polkas and explore varying  interpretations of dots.  If one dot doesn’t satisfy you, perhaps another version will.  Try dots on a dress or a top, a cardigan, or even accessories. Below are a few examples of dots that I found to be playful and fun.  Pin dots,  bubbles, and grommets; they’re polka dots re-imagined.  So imagine them for the first time and get yourself some dots.

(left to right) Thayer Spice Tiered Strapless Dress ($308) Milly Trocadero Dot Print Shift Dress ($340)


Merino Polka Dot Cardigan ($118) |   Felix Rey Polka Dot Clutch ($161 on sale)


Dots & Dyes Scarf ($49.50)Luicini Women’s Polka Dot Sandal ($85)


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