Today’s Outfit: Casual Friday on a Tuesday

4 Jan

Sometimes, I just gotta wear jeans. Jeans are not my favorite thing to wear. I have protested denim since I was a young girl. They feel tight, they pinch, they cinch, they are tempermental if they’re washed, they are the first to tell you that you’ve packed on a few pounds. But sometimes, on a good day, I’ll bust them out.  Today is one of those days.  I wasn’t feeling positive about wearing a dress. I didn’t feel like trousers. I own very few skirts.  So, jeans it was. And, jeans it is.  Oh, but wait. I also love this jacket – bought from a Trina Turk sample sale three years ago. It’s silk with puffed sleeves and an angular collar.  It is that perfect little dress-up jacket that dresses down, just as well.


Jeans by Kut from the Kloth  |  Top by Nordstrom house brand  |  Jacket by Trina Turk  |  Booties by Rampage


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