New Year’s Eve Outfit

3 Jan

The mission of the evening was to plunk down on a chair and savor an 8-course meal at No. 7 Restaurant in my dear-heart Brooklyn with my BFF Amy.  And, I’ll admit it – I took it easy with my outfit for the night. I just wanted to be comfortable and didn’t want to worry about slipping or sliding on any still-slushy sidewalks.  Plus, it’s cold in NY! I chose to forgo a sexy dress for a pair of leggings and a bold color top.

Then, plunk we did. Eat we did. Toast we did. Laugh we did. Here’s to a new year of fabulous fashion inspiration in 2011.



You’ve seen these leggings before. They’re by Lululemon and they never, ever let me down. They always look good. I’m pretty sure they always make me look good, too.  Boots are by DKNY.


Top is from Express. I bought this probably three years ago from their collection of ‘party tops.’ It was $20 and more than once,  has been the surprise savior for an evening out. Of course, I’ve also worn it under a blazer to work. But that’s another story to come later this week.



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