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Today’s Outfit & Yesterday’s Outfit

27 Jan

It’s been a busy few days so I’m doing two outfits in one post. I’ll admit, it feels a little narcissistic putting up a ‘collection’ of photos of myself.  I’m being honest in saying that these the least fun photos I take. But I learned something a few days ago.  Ready? I often write for a site called 365 Days of Style and the question of the week was, “What do you do to track your fashion inspiration?” I realized, my blog and these photos are the log of my inspiration. I choose my outfits based on what I see in magazines, on my friends, co-workers and even super fashionable ladies on the street.  My daily choices are a reflection of what has inspired me from the previous day and my blog has slowly become record of that. Perhaps this blog will serve to inspire another woman’s outfit some time soon. Or, maybe it has already, in which case I truly feel some accomplishment. It could sound small to some,  but if someone took inspiration from a post and felt tremendous about herself as a result, then for a brief moment, taking these photos in my foyer is worth it. So with that, I give you two days!

Pants by JCrew  |  Socks by Betsey Johnson  |  Shoes from Argentina, by Paraulo  |  Top by Penguin


These shoes are open-toed, slingback clogs. Yes they’re clunky but the leather is soft as butter and the style…well, they’re a statement. I like statements.


Printed tunic by Orion  |  Cardigan from Express  |  Jeans by the Gap


Here you can see the wide-leg of the trouser – super comfy and funky



Fashion Inspiration: A Royal Affair

26 Jan

Royal blue is so satisfying to me. It’s bold, it’s indicative of royalty (if by nomenclature only). It’s a statement color and can’t be overlooked. When I wear anything royal blue, heads turn and it’s not because I’m having a good hair day.  Royal blue isn’t teal or turquoise, it’s not grayish or blue-black. It’s BLUE. While I adore anything royal blue, I’m particularly obsessed with royal blue handbags. There’s something about this blue as a metallic or supple leather – my eyes follow the bag like a creepy portrait painting tends to do.  Imagine the below bags next to a pair of red trousers or a yellow blouse.  Fantasize about these bags with an outfit in all white or all black. Keep imagining and as you do, check out my faves below. Even though one may be “cobalt” it’s all royalty to me.


Top Shop Blue Lock Handle Bag $110


Asos Leather Twist Lock Vintage Style Satchel $121


Furla Ardith S Banoil $149


Nikole Stamped Eco Leather Bowler Bag $193


Carlos Falchi Blue Patent Snake $185




Today’s Outfit: Start the Week off Cozy

24 Jan

This morning, it’s about ultimate comfort.  Unfortunately, many people mistake the idea of comfort to mean wearing sweats, tattered jeans, anything ‘big and baggy’, or (make it stop!) pajama bottoms. No. No. And, no. Being comfortable should mean wearing pieces that are well-made, streamlined, and tailored but have stretch, are made in cozy fabrics and move with your body.   This outfit consists of a T-shirt (the universal symbol of comfort), a long, wool cardigan and stretchy, skinny pants.  But you’ll notice that the T-shirt is adorned with some tissue-ruffle flowers, the cardigan is a pretty blue, and the pants are fitted.  Nothing looks sloppy or pajama-y. Think about what it means to be comfortable in your day wear. If what comes to mind are any of the items I initially mentioned, reevaluate, now and please.


Pants by Limited  |  Boots by Report  |  T by JCrew  |  Cardi by Iisli  |  Necklace from Forever 21



Close up of my necklace and T-shirt – it’s a fun, multi-strand necklace that jingles when I walk (a big plus, if you know me at all)

Today’s Outfit: Caramel Rules

21 Jan

You can absolutely mix black and brown, especially when the brown in question is the color of caramel. Today, I wanted to give my black and white print top and dark jeans something special, a little extra flavor (if you will).  That flavor comes from my caramel beaded necklace (you may say it could even border on ‘orange’) as well as my so-comfy-I-can-barely-believe-it caramel leather boots.  This color wakes up the dark denim and black/white top. Black and brown are two equally rich, luxurious colors, so why not put them together more often?  So if you question the whole black and brown pairing, well, stop it. Just try it this way, instead.

Top by Industry  |  Cropped Jacket by Lux |  Necklaces from Forever 21  |  Jeans by Levi’s


Caramel-colored beads; a big, chunky style


Praise that store in Buenos Aires where I got these boots. I love them more with every wear.

Today’s Outfit: Olive a Jacket

20 Jan

I saw a woman wearing an army green-slash-olive colored jacket yesterday and was reminded of my own. This simple little jacket, cotton with a touch of spandex, was purchased as I killed time in a Chicago mall years ago before a work event. I bought the same jacket in a light khaki color, but the olive became my favorite.   I’ve come to believe that olive is a neutral (as is purple, but that’s a whole different story) that is as versatile as any black, white or gray. I’ve worn this jacket over graphic-print dresses, multi-colored silk tops and simple white tanks. It’s a super-staple for me, at least. Here’s today’s iteration with my all-season, all-occasion olive colored jacket (and my friend, Hermes).


Jacket from NY & Company  |  Top by Splendid  |  Scarf by Hermes  |  Pants by Joe’s Jeans  |  Booties by Marco Sarti


Here’s it is a little closer so you can see the color of the jacket together with the plum shirt. And, of course, the Hermes ties it all together (no pun intended, but drool definitely intended)



Today’s Outfit: A Hoboken Pick

19 Jan

I bought this dress in a small little shop in Hoboken, NJ called Anthology. I give a small fist pump to that town because it’s really quite a gem, just across the water from the city (much like my dearheart Brooklyn). This dress has all the components that renders it perfect for me: it’s a sweater dress, it has a bold print, cowl neck and three-quarter length sleeves.  Add in 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of booties, a necklace, et voila.  No woman could ask for anything simpler in a daytime outfit (and if she could, she’s wearing sweats).


Dress by Lucca  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Booties by Kelsi Dagger


Check out the print – it appears to be a colorful field of wheat (?). Can you tell me?


Love a wedge and a fold-over ankle. Brown suede? Yes please. Thanks Kelsi.


Today’s Outfit: Keep it Casual

14 Jan

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I did today.  I was cranky, I’ll admit it. And, I’m a true believer in the notion that my appearance reflects my mood, how I feel about myself and toward the world.  So here you have it.  Black is reflective of being cranky (at least for me).  My jacket is an easy throw-on.  Hair is un-fussy.  Boots are comfortable.  Fortunately, since having a great breakfast and getting in to work, I’ve had a few good laughs and the crankiness has lifted.  See what a good cup of coffee and some people you love can do?

Jacket by Mexx (no longer around)  |  Jeans by Banana Republic  |  Top from Target  |  Booties by Rampage