Fashion Trends: Stroke it

29 Dec

I’m talking about Watercolor Prints of course. (Duh).  Watercolor prints are whimsical and romantic, bohemian and feminine (I know! They’re a lot of things!).  Watercolor prints make otherwise boring pastels rich and lovely. And, if you err on the bolder side of the color wheel, you’ll be attracted to the way the colors fade into and out of each other; it’s hypnotic.  Here are a few pieces that show off the watercolor trend and can inspire you to get more artsy (without the fartsy). Pick up a brush and try a stroke.

(clockwise from top left)

Max Studio Chiffon Dress ($148 on sale)  |  EcoSkin Print Split Sleeve ($123 on sale)  |  Made in the Eighties Dress ($111)  |  JCrew Winter Rose Boustier Dress ($495)  |  Torn by Ronny Kobo ($88)  |  Ali Ro Draped Printed Silk Dress ($122 on sale)  |  HanniY Chiffon Blouse ($52 on sale)  |


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