Today’s Outfit: Knitted Batwings

17 Dec

Today I put on a recent sample sale find (Catherine Malandrino) – a total score (at 80% off) I made as I was on my way home one Friday afternoon. I saw the discrete sign that pointed the way to the sale and was greeted with racks and racks of prints, knits, dresses, jumpers, scarves…all for discounted prices better than I’ve seen in quite some time.  I tried on about 20 items and none of them really made my heart flutter. None of them until I saw the Catherine rack tucked away in the back of the room. I plucked the sweater off the rack and ducked back into the dressing area one last time. I put it on and not only did my heart flutter, so did the batwing sleeves! Here’s my find below.  Oh, but let’s not allow the sweater to overshadow my love for fun socks.  Below I’ve also shared mine, fully exposed, bought online at We Love Colors.

Sweater by Catherine Malandrino  |  Jeans by Levi’s  |  Shoes by Max Studio  |  Socks by We Love Colors

 A better look at the beautiful, open weave pattern (wool, silk)


What fun are fun socks if you can’t show them off?


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