Today’s Outfit: What’s Warm Enough?

14 Dec

When the temperature dips below freezing, and it did this morning (19 degrees), I become most challenged to find an outfit that’s warm, but not frumpy. But all hope is not lost! I (and you) can still be stylish and schlep fabulously in the bitter cold.  Here’s today’s outfit and my super warm sweater that’s so cozy, it sneaks up on you, real ninja-like. The secret is the fiber (cashmere and silk blend). It’s thin, so I don’t feel like I’m drowning in grandma’s knitted sweater. And since I so rarely like to wear all black, I threw on a couple necklaces and colorful scarf.

Jeans by Levi’s  |  Boots by Pour La Victoire  |  Sweater by Acrobat  |  Scarf (a gift) from Thailand |  Tank (secret little layer under the sweater) by Mossimo  |  Necklaces from Forever 21’s Wall of Necklaces


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