Fashion Solutions: 8 Stylish Gym Bags

8 Dec

Who says you have to use a true gym bag as your gym bag? I looked but couldn’t find rules about this.  Being that I spend so much time schlepping clothes to and from the gym nearly on a daily basis, I realized very quickly how important it is to have a gym bag that expresses my personal style.  Just because it’s a high-function bag that carries your sneakers and socks doesn’t mean it has to be plain or unimaginative. What I like are fun bags that double as gym bags (or just fun gym bags). Consider your gym bag an accessory as you would any other bag, tote, or satchel.

What you’ll see below bags in a mix of prints, fabrics, styles, and colors that have the space to pack a change of clothes, your favorite cosmetics and hair toys and goop. They all have easy-to-wear handles, a key detail for gym bags (since they tend to get heavy). Most of these bags can double as over-nighters or weekenders (multi-task-madness). Some are industrial, some sporty, some feminine, but each is completely competent to hold your stuff and pretty much anything else you want to throw into it.


(outside circle, clockwise starting from top left) Jansport Gym Duffel ($70)  |  Asos Urban Academy Canvas Bag ($55)  |  Saltbox Plaid Getaway Bag ($150)  |  Puma Fitness Workout ($45)  |  Bueno Croc Trim Weekender ($26)  |  Land’s End Ragtop Washed Canvas ($29)  |  (center, from left)  Lululemon Everywear Gym Bag ($88)  |  Mango Super Leather Overnight Bag ($224)


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