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Today’s Outfit: Inspired by Snow

30 Dec

No white after Labor Day? Whatever – watch me. The snow is gleaming white in my small Brooklyn enclave (and every other nook of NYCs borroughs) and I was inspired by its (temporary) pristineness today.  Plus, there’s nothing like a bold contrast in color to wake you up (or, wake me up). Black on white is the most contrasting effect you can have.  At first blush, this jacket seems like a throw on, nothing special. But at closer look, you’ll see it’s not ordinary; rather it’s very unique.  Check it out below and I’ll tell you why.

First, the details: 

Dress by Cynthia Steffe |  Jacket by Cynthia Steffe  | Tights by Spanx  |  Booties by Marco Santi


The reasons I love this jacket:

1. Oversized, floppy collar

2. Cargo details – the drawstring at the elbows and at the waist

3. The heavy fabric – Triacitate (what does that mean? it feel like something you’d make a parachute out of, very industrial)

4.  It’s gleaming, crisp, bright white (I wear this in the summer over tanks, in the winter as shown)

A closer look at how the collar falls and how the drawstrings cinch the elbow-length cuffs and waist


Fashion Trends: Stroke it

29 Dec

I’m talking about Watercolor Prints of course. (Duh).  Watercolor prints are whimsical and romantic, bohemian and feminine (I know! They’re a lot of things!).  Watercolor prints make otherwise boring pastels rich and lovely. And, if you err on the bolder side of the color wheel, you’ll be attracted to the way the colors fade into and out of each other; it’s hypnotic.  Here are a few pieces that show off the watercolor trend and can inspire you to get more artsy (without the fartsy). Pick up a brush and try a stroke.

(clockwise from top left)

Max Studio Chiffon Dress ($148 on sale)  |  EcoSkin Print Split Sleeve ($123 on sale)  |  Made in the Eighties Dress ($111)  |  JCrew Winter Rose Boustier Dress ($495)  |  Torn by Ronny Kobo ($88)  |  Ali Ro Draped Printed Silk Dress ($122 on sale)  |  HanniY Chiffon Blouse ($52 on sale)  |

Today’s Outfit: A Scarf Part Deux

28 Dec

Yesterday was a blizzard to end all blizzards in New York. I couldn’t leave my street let alone get to work. I was sent from the subway station back to my apartment to wait and hope for same-day service restoration (which never happened). So, I resolved to not let a good outfit go to waste (especially when there is an Hermés scarf involved). Today is the second go around.  It’s almost like leftovers – even better on day two.  Isn’t it beautiful? C’mon…drool with me.

Top by Piper & Snow  |  Leggings by Zobha  |  Boots bought in Argentina  |  Scarf by Hermés (tied in the Cow Boy Anneau fashion)

Electric blue and lavendar, flawless silk, beautiful draping.


4 Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

27 Dec

My love of scarves is vast, runs deep, and penetrates every single season. There is no outfit that can’t be enhanced greatly by the addition of a scarf.  I own a scarf of every kind, every color and every print. Typically, I wear an easy loop-dee-loop around my neck. Once in a while, I’ll wear one in my hair. But I became curious about other ways to tie a scarf, so I did some searching online. Where better to find inspiration on ways to wear a scarf than Hermès?  Hermès transformed a simple concept–the scarf–into a magnificent, iconic and exquisite work of art on silk.   I discovered an entire Playtime With Your Hermes Scarf document that exists on the website!!! You must download it if you love scarves like me. There are tons of brilliant ideas in Playtime, but below are four of my favorites.

Today’s Outfit: Pretty Scarf

23 Dec

It’s all about my scarf today. This is just a simple H&M scarf – no special story, no special fabric.  Despite the lack of specialness,  I love the crinkles, I love the floral print, I love the colors.  So I kept it simple with this outfit – jersey knit turtleneck, cropped, pleated pants – and let the scarf take center stage in today’s look. Check it out.


 People are often stumped by scarves and how to tie them. I say, keep it simple with one easy loop-dee-loop.

Turtleneck from Gap  |  Pants from JCrew  |  Scarf from H&M  |  Wooden bracelets as gifts (one from Hawaii, one from Spain) 

Today’s Outfit: Olive Green

22 Dec

This jacket is actually part of a suit that I bought in 2004. I know, I know…a suit in this color? But I swear, back then it rocked. Now, I wear the pieces separately.  I love the sharp lapel, the yellow band embroidery at the cuffs, and the tailored silhouette.  The top is a contrast in every way, specifically because it’s unstructured and drapy, and that’s why I’ve put them together.  

 Pants by Gap  |  Top by Madison Marcus  |  Jacket by Bebe  |  Shoes by Max Studio

Today’s Outfit: Horizontal Stripes

21 Dec

Gasp! What is she thinking? Horizontal??? Heck yeah, they’re horizontal. Don’t be scared. If they’re properly positioned, range wide-to-skinny, and the garment is not tight,  stripes can add a lot of character to your outfit. This is a really cheery dress that dazzled me from the rack with its rainbow of colors. I also love that it has a ballet neck (though covered by my hair) and 3/4 length sleeves for some breathing room. Today I felt like I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to top off the dress. Since a necklace would get lost in the stripes, I settled on this black/white scarf tied cowboy-style. See? And you thought horizontal stripes were a no-no. I happen to think they’re a yes-yes.



Dress by Free People  |  Tights by Spanx  |  Boots by DKNY  |  Scarf given as a gift