Fashion Inspiration: Reinvent Khakis

26 Nov

Forget those Gap commercials where they’re all dancing to swing music. Instead, swing the preppy pendulum over to the cool side and reinvent those seemingly boring khakis with some unexpected combinations.  Make khakis pretty and feminine or simple-cool with the addition of pieces that deliver refreshing style and textural uniqueness. Here are two ideas to start you on a path to khaki reinvention.

Start with a fitted pair of Khaki Pants and add:

Victorian-inspired Lace Blouse with dramatic sleeves  |  Military-style vest for opposing, but complementary texture  | Lace Up Booties, monochromatic with a peep toe  |  Textured Socks that offset the matte shoes and pants  | Luxurious Wool Trench with ruffled lapel (a droplet of drama on a classic look)

Begin with Wide Leg Khaki Trousers, and add on:

Contrasting & stark Black Knit Top with lace boat neck (tucked in)  |  Lace Up Booties, monochromatic with a peep toe  for an ultra-long leg  |  An edgy detail atop the smooth khakis from a  Leather & Metal Belt |  Color pop with this set of Earthy Multi-Colored Bangles





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