Fashion Trends: Metallic & Sequins

22 Nov

I love sparkle, shimmer, and glitter. Here are six metallic and sequin pieces that will catch the light and turn heads, make a statement, and bring spirit to your day (or night).  Even better, you don’t have to wait until evening to wear them. With the exception of a true cocktail/evening dress, metallic and sequin clothes are absolutely do-able during the day. Just combine them with more subtle choices like dark jeans or simple black pants, a solid blazer or comfortable leggings.  If you balance the sheen and sparkle with more matte finish options, you’ll be well balanced instead of glimmering like a disco ball.

(clockwise starting at top left)

Chris Benz Boat Neck Gown ($1,135)  |  Haute Hippie Sequin Sweatshirt ($445)  |  Mara Hoffman Double Coat Gun Metal ($540)  |  Ambre Babzoe’s Ebba Camp Tank ($221)  |  Andy & Debb’s Metallic Dress ($1,320)  |  Pencey Wrap, Metal ($363)


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