Today’s Outfit: Who Loves a Sweater Dress?

4 Nov

That’d be me. I bought this sweater dress two years ago at a BCBG outlet in CA.  It’s such a cozy throw-on – chunky knit, a metallic yarn woven into the cream colored wool, kimono-style arms and an oversized neck. I was a little hesitant about the horizontal stitch – it’s basically a horizontal stripe that stretches width-wise. Translation = it goes wide where my  body goes wide yielding an accentuated lower half. But I’m okay with that….sometimes you just have to be okay with it.


Dress by BCBG, boots by Report. And, a special appearance and surprise guest – tights from Duane Reade (for those who live outside NYC, that’s a drug store like CVS). Hey, you do what you have to when you get to the gym at 5.30 am and realize you left your tights at home (and it’s 50 degrees + raining). I’ll be downright honest – they’re really soft and quite comfortable.


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