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Today’s Outfit: My Perfect Poncho

30 Nov

Well, it’s no more perfect than my other ponchos; they’re all perfect. It’s an oatmeal colored knit with kangaroo pockets in the front. Oversized and cozy, I feel almost too comfortable for a day of work. But you don’t hear me complaining.


Poncho by Free People  |  Turtleneck from Nordstrom  |  Jeans by Banana Republic  |  Necklace from some impromptu sample sale  | Clogs by Report


High Heeled Tevas? Oh My

29 Nov

This is the only time I can say the word “Teva” and not cringe. Gray Ant has, um, elevated Tevas.  Tevas give me a visceral reaction, but I’m willing to be open-minded.  Maybe.


Today’s Outfit: Blue Knit

29 Nov

First day back from a week off for the holiday so it was a little adjustment getting back into the routine of taking photos. It was one of those mornings where I looked into my closet and said, “Oh, that dress, I haven’t worn that in way too long.”  So today, I put on blue and hopped the train to work.


Without a jacket….

Dress by Iisli  |  Boots by DKNY  |  Belt from Express (about a decade ago)


With a jacket…even though the dress is knit and sweater-like, it’s still too cold now for short sleeves. I bought this jacket at a no-longer-in-existence store about 8 years ago and still rock it over any and everything.


Fashion Trends: Printed Leggings

29 Nov

Over the weekend, I got a very enthusiastic compliment on my leggings, specifically for the print.  It inspired me to do a quick round up of some really fun, really unique-looking leggings. I love leggings. I’ve loved them since I was a child and called them my ‘stretchy pants’. They’re all-season, they layer well, they fit into boots, look terrific with pumps, and are incredibly versatile. They are essential in those moments when you have to make a snap decision about what to wear. Reach for leggings and your favorite blazer or grab a pretty tunic and scarf.  They’re just that easy.  Here are some of my favorite printed leggings. Stock up. French Connection Dove Leopard Print ($43)  |  Sparkle & Fade Foil Print ($20)  |  Juicy Couture Snakeskin PrintPaige Verdugo Stretch Denim Legging ($189)

Victoria’s Secret Cloud Print ($40)  |  55DSL ($40)  |  Bernard Wilhelm Black Multi ($267)  |  Lululemon Wunder Under ($78)

Fashion Inspiration: Reinvent Khakis

26 Nov

Forget those Gap commercials where they’re all dancing to swing music. Instead, swing the preppy pendulum over to the cool side and reinvent those seemingly boring khakis with some unexpected combinations.  Make khakis pretty and feminine or simple-cool with the addition of pieces that deliver refreshing style and textural uniqueness. Here are two ideas to start you on a path to khaki reinvention.

Start with a fitted pair of Khaki Pants and add:

Victorian-inspired Lace Blouse with dramatic sleeves  |  Military-style vest for opposing, but complementary texture  | Lace Up Booties, monochromatic with a peep toe  |  Textured Socks that offset the matte shoes and pants  | Luxurious Wool Trench with ruffled lapel (a droplet of drama on a classic look)

Begin with Wide Leg Khaki Trousers, and add on:

Contrasting & stark Black Knit Top with lace boat neck (tucked in)  |  Lace Up Booties, monochromatic with a peep toe  for an ultra-long leg  |  An edgy detail atop the smooth khakis from a  Leather & Metal Belt |  Color pop with this set of Earthy Multi-Colored Bangles




Fashion Trends: More Metallics-Bags, Belts & Blazers

24 Nov

I’m still in love with metallics since the last time I was in love with metallics. A metallic sheen is a fantastical way to spread some fashion fierceness, make a bold statement, and stand out.  This time, let’s focus on bags, belts, and blazers.  Here is a selection of BB&B that I think are exceptionally versatile pieces to own.  Believe it or not, a metallic jacket can act as a neutral piece – it an be paired with any number of colors or prints because it’s a blank (albeit, shimmery) canvas. Likewise, metallic accessories liven up everyday solids, and transform a simple knit top from day to night faster than you can say, “Do these come in size 7?”.

Tobi Metallic Surface to Air ($715)  | Alice + Olivia Elyse Blazer ($356)  |  Warehouse Metallic Blazer ($241)

(clockwise from left) Streets Ahead Metallic Pewter Belt ($68) | Mango Carry Studded Elastic Waist ($31)  |  Miss Sixty Rose Metallic Belt ($41)  |  Halston Heritage Leather Double ($48)


(clockwise from left)  Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Metallic Grocery Bag ($345)  |  Cut Out Clutch ($26)  |  Nanette Lepore Metallic Floral Chain Clutch ($425)  |  Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Lambskin Hinged Frame Clutch ($180)

Fashion Trends: Metallic & Sequins

22 Nov

I love sparkle, shimmer, and glitter. Here are six metallic and sequin pieces that will catch the light and turn heads, make a statement, and bring spirit to your day (or night).  Even better, you don’t have to wait until evening to wear them. With the exception of a true cocktail/evening dress, metallic and sequin clothes are absolutely do-able during the day. Just combine them with more subtle choices like dark jeans or simple black pants, a solid blazer or comfortable leggings.  If you balance the sheen and sparkle with more matte finish options, you’ll be well balanced instead of glimmering like a disco ball.

(clockwise starting at top left)

Chris Benz Boat Neck Gown ($1,135)  |  Haute Hippie Sequin Sweatshirt ($445)  |  Mara Hoffman Double Coat Gun Metal ($540)  |  Ambre Babzoe’s Ebba Camp Tank ($221)  |  Andy & Debb’s Metallic Dress ($1,320)  |  Pencey Wrap, Metal ($363)