Fashion Trends: 5 Lovely Long Skirts

26 Oct

Hemlines went so short last year that they had no where to go but down. Fall skirts and dresses got long and I got happy.  Why?  Because they make me look tall. See? Don’t I look tall? But seriously, I’ve been in love with the maxi since I was a teenager. I had one long skirt in particular, from the Limited, bought with a Christmas stash o’ cash that I wore into the ground (it was a cotton, khaki style with buttons down the front).  But I digress. Here are some current versions that I adore just as much.


Who knew L.L. Bean had so much style? Now we all do.

L.L. Bean Signature, $179


Can you picture a fitted black turtleneck layered with a hot pink cardigan?

Tumbler Maxi Skirt, $78, Anthropologie


It’s a casual take on silk and the faux slit at the bottom gives your fab shoes room to peek out.

Donna Mizani, $143 (on sale)


Rich purple and subtle floral ensure you don’t look like you belong at the Little House (on that prairie we all know).

Patchwork Peasant Skirt, Free People, $128


Faded and frayed, but still refined and current, Rugby makes this look perfect.  Try a white v-neck T-shirt and an over-sized grandpa cardi, left open.

Denim Skirt, Ralph Lauren Rugby, $148


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