Obsessed: Matt Bernson Booties

13 Oct

Typically, I don’t care for clothing mash-ups.  You know what I mean.  It’s when clothing designers take two really ill-fitted pieces and combine them into one supposed all-purpose love child.  Case in point: high-heeled golashes (no one is that chic in a rain storm), the leather converse (sorry, Chucks are for canvas only), that fleeting stiletto sneaker (that was a joke right?), a long sleeved shirt with a fake collar and sewn-in cuffs (c’mon, is layering for real that difficult?), and all things reversible (flipping it inside out does not a new outfit make; you’re not fooling anyone).  But below are mash-ups behind which I stand (and potentially in).  They’re a fabulously designed bootie, with a wedge, and a fleece fold-over ankle.  They’re sleek (and fuzzy), beautifully shaped, have a super-high platform, a chic zipper and….they’re sold on HSN.comLucky Shops has teamed up with the Home Shopping Network to offer a more affordable collection of designer labels. These Matt Bernson booties tickle my fancy, my funny bone and make me wanna mash-up with the best of ’em.


Matt Berson, Leather boot with fleece cuff, $189.90.



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