Women’s Fashion: Vince (period)

4 Oct

Vince. Written with punctuation as if to say, “That’s all you need. Just Vince.”  Could be true considering the brand’s philosophy is rooted in wardrobe basics made from luxurious fibers in current silhouettes. Vince is a very, very simple brand for both men and women. The colors are shades of gray, black, white, and khaki. Here’s the thing though: I go back and forth on Vince. Some days I adore the simplicity (usually those are the days I’m requiring ease and efficiency from my wardrobe).  Some days I wish there was just “more” to the pieces.  Those would be the days I’d layer the garment with a print or tons of jewelry. Either way, I can’t deny that Vince. is a brand that keeps it simple, keeps it clean, and keeps it very now.  Try Vince.


Vince. Half-placket silk blouse, $235. The gray is neutral and goes with anything. Layer on a bright yellow or melon colored scarf and wear over black skinny pants with knee high boots. Or, pair it with a black duster cardigan (left open) and a super-long black skirt and boots. This is a blank canvas waiting for color!



Cowl Neck Knit Dress, $295. Basic black, basic shape, basic fabric, the easiest thing you could ever put on to look tremendously amazing. Do a large medallion necklace with lots of stones or just bling-gold. Wear your cutest booties or even red or purple flats with black tights. Or, spotlight the simplicity and wear it exactly as shown.



Tweed Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater, $295. Webster's Dictionary defines 'cozy' as the Vince. Turtleneck Sweater. Maybe not, but it should. This cashmere piece will last forever. Wear this with a dark denim skirt, chocolate brown tights and boots. Or, you could try this with oatmeal-colored brushed cotton trousers and a metallic flat shoe.



Two-in-One Car Coat, $495. Two-two-two coats in one. Wear as shown or unzip the waist band and have a cropped look. Either option is terrific because it's warm (100% wool) and chic (super chunky turtleneck).



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