Fashion Fixer: Bless Your Sole

27 Sep

I popped into Ricky’s today as I was strolling through Brooklyn Heights and saw that Hue (a great tights/hosiery brand) now has it’s own line of what I call ‘sole savers.’ You know, those cushy, sticky pads that women put into their shoes to make the impact from our 4-inch+  heels, boots, booties, slings, and strappies a little less jarring?  So why not dedicate a post to sole savers? Here are a few  favorite savers of my soles.

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz, starting at $6.50. Foot Petals is the originator of girly cushions, the kind that work for our slim sandals and shoes of the open-toe variety. Those drug store cushions are too bulky so someone decided it was time to make real cushions for a real woman's shoe collections. I could kiss that someone.

These cute polka-dotted cushions protect the balls of your feet from wretched shock while walking all day in your heels. Just pop these gems-of-softness into the foot bed of your shoe et voila, your toes will blow you kisses.

Dr. Scholl's For Her Heel Liners. The Doc got smart and realized that his clinical-podiatry line wasn't cutting it for the fabulous lady of the day-to-night. So he too came up with a special product line for our heels. This little strip fits into the back of your shoe and keeps them from slipping off when you walk.


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