Fashion Trends: Stars & Stripes (but without the stars)

25 Sep

This one’s easy. Stripes are just fun.  See below and I’m sure you’ll agree…and you’ll love stripes like I do.


Nightcap Striped Sweatshirt Tee in Navy, $127. Off-the-shoulder is always sexy and the long tunic length makes it easy to pair with leggings. Layer a simple white tank underneath to hid the bra straps. Or, loop an over-sized pashmina with a small floral pattern or polka dots for some visual contrast.



Haute Hippe Striped Paillette Dress, $294.16 (on sale). Believe it or not, this sequined frock is very easy to wear - it's the silhouette of a t-shirt with the glam of a cocktail dress. The stripes are large and diagonal, pointing "up" to create a vertical line and making you look taller and leaner.



Eight Sixty Striped Party Dress in Iron/Black $54 (on sale). If you are worried that horizontal on your toosh will do you wrong, then place them on the top with a dress like this. Again, t-shirt materials for maximum comfort with ultimate style.



Striped Sweater Jacket Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, $490. This super-comfy sweater coat is perfect for fall months and the bold black/white contrast is eye catching but not in a bad way. Super sophistiCAT - meow!



Bird by Juicy Couture Striped Blazer, $300. Admit it, you want to wear this with a bright red top or over a hot pink dress. You can also do it with basic black head to toe and let the jacket shine.



Aqua Cashmere Striped Button-Back Dress, $188. How cozy would you be in this cashmere piece? Pair with some tights and ballet flats or boots, toss on a brightly colored scarf or over-sized floral broach and you'll be so cute it'll be illegal.



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