Fashion Jewelry: Alexis Bittar Cuffs

23 Sep

And do it with style. Today, I watched some friends drool over Alexis Bittar jewelry designs. For good reason, certainly. He (yes, it’s a ‘he’) has amazing jewelry that is unique, earthy, deeply colored, richly embellished, sumptuous and sexy (if jewelry can be so).  I too love Alexis Bittar. Right now, since I’m so all about bracelets (last year this time it was big, over-sized rings), I’ll spotlight a few and wait patiently for them to go on sample sale.

Gold Studded Hinge Cuff, $225. What a sophisticated way to play a rock star. Imagine this with a delicate black silk tunic or dress or beautiful blouse made of antique lace. What a great way to pair opposing styles in harmony.

Python Gold Gunmetal Hinge Bracelet, $325 . Regal and royal like it should rest on the delicate wrist of a queen, this beautiful cuff is a statement and that statement is: "I'm too damn cool for you so back up."

Jeweled Web Gunmetal Large Hinge Bracelet in sea blue, $525. Blue is the color of calm, so breathe in the zen with this peace. You'll be mesmerized by the combination of the shiny gunmetal against the rich blue. How beautiful with a white blouse and dark trousers or jeans? Very, very beautiful.

Gunmetal Sophia Hinge Bracelet in Dark Raspberry, $295. A deep purple split down the center with a thick rope of gunmetal reminds me of juicy grape JollyRancher candy. Just want to take a bite out of this beauty. Instead though, let it adorn your wrist and consider wearing deep purple nail polish and a light purple top or dress.


One Response to “Fashion Jewelry: Alexis Bittar Cuffs”

  1. mdashing September 23, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    Holla Calla!

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