21 Sep

That’s my size in Levi’s denim leggings. I’ll get to that in a moment…

On the heels of the Gap, the ‘once iconic then lost it’s groove but slowly becoming iconic againAmerican fashion brands, Levi’s is back on it’s way up.  The new line of Curve ID jeans is honoring the many shapes and sizes of a woman’s lower half with three distinct cuts that come in all of their standard legs (skinny, boot, straight, etc.). Slight, Demi, and Bold are the three choices and each is unique in waist-to-hip ratio. A quick description below and then I’d suggest a virtual visit to take the quiz and see where your toosh falls on the curve.

Slight Curve: Slim waist, slim hips and thighs

Demi Curve: Evenly proportioned from hips to thighs (this was me)

Bold Curve: Defined waist, fuller hips and thighs

Truth? I hate jeans. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re sexy. They’re everyday or high fashion. Whatever.  Shopping for them is torture. And, I gravely dislike those initial wearings to ‘break them in’ (particularly if I’m paying $$$ for them). I hate that if you wash them, you have to start ‘breaking them in’ all over. No matter what size or weight I am or have been in my life, I feel constricted. I’ve felt disgruntled about jeans since I was a child.

But today, I was determined. And, after umpteen try-ons of endless permutations in Bold and Demi, 28, 29 and 30 sizes (brought to me by my patient sales dude, Roger – he’s at the 14th street location for Manhattanites), I noticed a saleswoman’s denim leggings.  Within 30 seconds, Roger brought me three pair, I bought two. The difference is that the leggings are super soft denim. They are like yoga pants, only jeans. They don’t make me feel as though my circulation is being sacrificed each time I bend my legs, and I didn’t have to jump to pull them up all the way.  You know that jump I’m talking about. I bought two, size 29×30, and I’m tres happy, lovin’ Levi’s. Here’s what I bought (oh, and Roger was way cute).

Levi's 5-pocket Legging in Blue Bottle, $59.50

Levi's Leggings in Indigo, $44


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