Get to Temple (St. Clair @ Target)

17 Sep

Temple St. Clair, one of the most elegant jewelry designers ever, joins the ranks of other designers who want to spread their luxe-love to mass America with a line at Target.  Let’s face it – Target is genius. Target is creative. Target is chic. Target is everyday. Target is fashion. Target is home. Target is amazing. And now, Target is Temple St. Clair.

Remarkably designed to mirror her luxury line, the Target jewelry collection carries all the tell-tale-Temple details: colorful stones, intricate but simple metal work, and elegant lines. Until I become super-duper-my-stuff-don’t-stink-rich, I happily will buy Temple for Target as my fix for jewels. Below are a couple of my favorites.  But I’m sure you can find some more.


Temple St. Clair original for $1,950

Target's version for $29.90


18k pear-drop neckace, $45,000

Target's Version Teardrop Bib Necklace, $39.99


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