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Obsessed: Women’s Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

29 Sep

Jeffrey Campbell Glen

Jeffrey Campbell, Glen in grey suede, $115 (on sale).

Simplicity. Smooth gray suede.  Elegant platform wedge.
Timeless round toe. Slip on. Super high but easy to maneuver.
Jeffrey Campbell is one of my faves. I’m obsessed.

Fashion Fixer: Bless Your Sole

27 Sep

I popped into Ricky’s today as I was strolling through Brooklyn Heights and saw that Hue (a great tights/hosiery brand) now has it’s own line of what I call ‘sole savers.’ You know, those cushy, sticky pads that women put into their shoes to make the impact from our 4-inch+  heels, boots, booties, slings, and strappies a little less jarring?  So why not dedicate a post to sole savers? Here are a few  favorite savers of my soles.

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz, starting at $6.50. Foot Petals is the originator of girly cushions, the kind that work for our slim sandals and shoes of the open-toe variety. Those drug store cushions are too bulky so someone decided it was time to make real cushions for a real woman's shoe collections. I could kiss that someone.

These cute polka-dotted cushions protect the balls of your feet from wretched shock while walking all day in your heels. Just pop these gems-of-softness into the foot bed of your shoe et voila, your toes will blow you kisses.

Dr. Scholl's For Her Heel Liners. The Doc got smart and realized that his clinical-podiatry line wasn't cutting it for the fabulous lady of the day-to-night. So he too came up with a special product line for our heels. This little strip fits into the back of your shoe and keeps them from slipping off when you walk.

Fashion Trends: Stars & Stripes (but without the stars)

25 Sep

This one’s easy. Stripes are just fun.  See below and I’m sure you’ll agree…and you’ll love stripes like I do.


Nightcap Striped Sweatshirt Tee in Navy, $127. Off-the-shoulder is always sexy and the long tunic length makes it easy to pair with leggings. Layer a simple white tank underneath to hid the bra straps. Or, loop an over-sized pashmina with a small floral pattern or polka dots for some visual contrast.



Haute Hippe Striped Paillette Dress, $294.16 (on sale). Believe it or not, this sequined frock is very easy to wear - it's the silhouette of a t-shirt with the glam of a cocktail dress. The stripes are large and diagonal, pointing "up" to create a vertical line and making you look taller and leaner.



Eight Sixty Striped Party Dress in Iron/Black $54 (on sale). If you are worried that horizontal on your toosh will do you wrong, then place them on the top with a dress like this. Again, t-shirt materials for maximum comfort with ultimate style.



Striped Sweater Jacket Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, $490. This super-comfy sweater coat is perfect for fall months and the bold black/white contrast is eye catching but not in a bad way. Super sophistiCAT - meow!



Bird by Juicy Couture Striped Blazer, $300. Admit it, you want to wear this with a bright red top or over a hot pink dress. You can also do it with basic black head to toe and let the jacket shine.



Aqua Cashmere Striped Button-Back Dress, $188. How cozy would you be in this cashmere piece? Pair with some tights and ballet flats or boots, toss on a brightly colored scarf or over-sized floral broach and you'll be so cute it'll be illegal.


Fashion Jewelry: Alexis Bittar Cuffs

23 Sep

And do it with style. Today, I watched some friends drool over Alexis Bittar jewelry designs. For good reason, certainly. He (yes, it’s a ‘he’) has amazing jewelry that is unique, earthy, deeply colored, richly embellished, sumptuous and sexy (if jewelry can be so).  I too love Alexis Bittar. Right now, since I’m so all about bracelets (last year this time it was big, over-sized rings), I’ll spotlight a few and wait patiently for them to go on sample sale.

Gold Studded Hinge Cuff, $225. What a sophisticated way to play a rock star. Imagine this with a delicate black silk tunic or dress or beautiful blouse made of antique lace. What a great way to pair opposing styles in harmony.

Python Gold Gunmetal Hinge Bracelet, $325 . Regal and royal like it should rest on the delicate wrist of a queen, this beautiful cuff is a statement and that statement is: "I'm too damn cool for you so back up."

Jeweled Web Gunmetal Large Hinge Bracelet in sea blue, $525. Blue is the color of calm, so breathe in the zen with this peace. You'll be mesmerized by the combination of the shiny gunmetal against the rich blue. How beautiful with a white blouse and dark trousers or jeans? Very, very beautiful.

Gunmetal Sophia Hinge Bracelet in Dark Raspberry, $295. A deep purple split down the center with a thick rope of gunmetal reminds me of juicy grape JollyRancher candy. Just want to take a bite out of this beauty. Instead though, let it adorn your wrist and consider wearing deep purple nail polish and a light purple top or dress.

Obsession: Jacquard

22 Sep

Definition of Jacquard: A fabric with an intricately woven pattern. This jacket fits the bill. What an extraordinarily timeless, well-priced addition to your closet. It can be simplified with fitted black pants or over a simple black skirt. Try an urban cool look with a white v-neck burnout t-shirt and light colored jeans. Or, wear it over your LBD on a romantic date. I'm obsessed. H&M jacquard jacket, $60, H&M for locations.


21 Sep

That’s my size in Levi’s denim leggings. I’ll get to that in a moment…

On the heels of the Gap, the ‘once iconic then lost it’s groove but slowly becoming iconic againAmerican fashion brands, Levi’s is back on it’s way up.  The new line of Curve ID jeans is honoring the many shapes and sizes of a woman’s lower half with three distinct cuts that come in all of their standard legs (skinny, boot, straight, etc.). Slight, Demi, and Bold are the three choices and each is unique in waist-to-hip ratio. A quick description below and then I’d suggest a virtual visit to take the quiz and see where your toosh falls on the curve.

Slight Curve: Slim waist, slim hips and thighs

Demi Curve: Evenly proportioned from hips to thighs (this was me)

Bold Curve: Defined waist, fuller hips and thighs

Truth? I hate jeans. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re sexy. They’re everyday or high fashion. Whatever.  Shopping for them is torture. And, I gravely dislike those initial wearings to ‘break them in’ (particularly if I’m paying $$$ for them). I hate that if you wash them, you have to start ‘breaking them in’ all over. No matter what size or weight I am or have been in my life, I feel constricted. I’ve felt disgruntled about jeans since I was a child.

But today, I was determined. And, after umpteen try-ons of endless permutations in Bold and Demi, 28, 29 and 30 sizes (brought to me by my patient sales dude, Roger – he’s at the 14th street location for Manhattanites), I noticed a saleswoman’s denim leggings.  Within 30 seconds, Roger brought me three pair, I bought two. The difference is that the leggings are super soft denim. They are like yoga pants, only jeans. They don’t make me feel as though my circulation is being sacrificed each time I bend my legs, and I didn’t have to jump to pull them up all the way.  You know that jump I’m talking about. I bought two, size 29×30, and I’m tres happy, lovin’ Levi’s. Here’s what I bought (oh, and Roger was way cute).

Levi's 5-pocket Legging in Blue Bottle, $59.50

Levi's Leggings in Indigo, $44

Bootie Call

19 Sep

First , a few benefits of the bootie.  Benefit 1: They don’t cling to your pants like their knee-high brethren underneath pants or jeans. Benefit 2: They’re uh-dor-uh-ble with a dress/skirt and tights. Benefit 3: seriously, do you need another one? Here are some options, pricey and not so pricey. But with any of these choices, you’re sure to want more, buy more, and wear over and over and over and over…you get me. Go on, get yourself some bootie.

Loeffler Randall Simone Gathered Ankle Bootie in Brick Suede; $625 (but hey, the shipping's free). Actually, this is quite a neutral color. Picture this with grey hosiery, navy blue trousers or dark denim, even an all black ensemble would work. Suede is forever chic, the heel is just high enough but stable, the toe is subtly round/pointy (the perfect combo for walking and not scrunching your toes), and they rock the cool gathered top.

Nine West Orro $99, Wedges are inherently easier to walk in, the buckle detail and suede offers a subtle funky cowgirl feel, and the heel ensures sophista-coolness. The toe is round, guaranteeing a long style shelf-life and the color goes with every thing you could possibly think to pair with it.

Report Ariella Buckle Foldover Bootie in Grey, $143 The fold over isn't just for yoga pants - it works on footwear too. This gray color goes with everything, the double buckle adds good detail without fussiness, and the heel and toe are elegant and won't ever go out of style. Don't cover these up - they're meant to be shown off with a skirt or dress from the knee (at the lowest) up to a mini (as high as you like).

MICHAEL Michael Kors Nora $350 Bring out the inner rocker girl with this studded pair of sky-high, peep-toe sling back booties (that's a lot of descriptors!). Wear a pair of bright colored tights and let them peek from the toe, try them in the mild spring/fall months bare-legged, or put them with a pair of flare or super skinny leg pants or jeans.

Steven by Steve Madden, Mason Wedge Booties, $199. These fold overs are refined and elegant in a classic caramel leather. The color goes with everything and looks particularly chic when worn over a pair of black cigarette pants or dark denim leggings. If you dare have the gams, a super short mini would also look terrific, just as a knee length classic pencil skirt.

All Saints Agness Boot, $250. A little bit prairie, a little bit gothic, a little bit rustic. One definitely has to have some edge to their personality to wear these but they'd be perfection with demin, skirt or jeans. They'd also look terrific with a pair of just cropped trousers or a dark, high-waisted denim skirt and white collard shirt.