Necessary Objects in the Snow

13 Feb

The recent inclement weather in NYC has encouraged me to really think about how to schlep elegantly in the snow. This is not an easy task. But I’m inspired to implement my right-brain-left-brain know-how and come up with some cool options to make slopping through the dirty snowstorm aftermath look just a little bit better. Let’s chat for a moment about coats and boots.

The Snow Boots (and no, not Uggs) Let’s get real. They’re never going to be sexy boots. But they can be cool. They can be rad. They can be cute. But above all, let’s make sure they’re functional so you can step carefree into slushy puddles that flood the sidewalks.

Hunter Boots: Originally intended for the rain, it’s simple to modify them for snow by adding fleece liners (that still sport the Hunter logo).

Classic, knee-high, with a durability to last your lifetime and your kids' lifetimes. They're the "OG" of rain/snow boots. I have the eggplant version shown here.

Le Canadienne Tami: A non-rubber option…you always need one of those.

Face it, the Canadians know snow. So they came up with this treated suede all-weather boot that is cozy with shearling lining, and pretty dang stylish with the fold-over shaft. I may need to consider these post-shopping hiatus.

Timberland: Known for durability, they’ve made a foray into fashion boots. These all-weather numbers do a little bit of function + fashion (albeit, a bit space age).

Canvas and leather combo look modern and sleek. These are a bit more of a statement boot, but if you can rock it, own it.

The Coat. I promise, you don’t have to look like you’re wearing a sleeping bag in order to be warm.  There are puffy coat options that can be flattering and fashionable at the same time. Just make sure you look for seams that are on the diagonal (versus traditionally squared quilting) to give the illusion of tailoring, and ensure there is a way to nip in the waist. Go for mid-thigh or knee-length (at the longest). Ankle length is hard to walk in (trust me, I know).

Kenneth Cole: A fitted, down number that has a cool-looking collar and faux denim fabric.

The cinched waist give shape, the sleeves are fitted and snug to the body for warmth. And, the collar is over-sized which is not typical for a puff coat, but looks damn cool.

Brooklyn Industries: Cool store.  Totally up on styles.  Totally functional stuff that still looks really, really, really good. Really.

Brooklyn Industries is one of my favorite stores. They have the industrial-rad aesthetic look locked, especially for women. This coat is impenetrable to the elements (I have one), moderately priced, and the perfect length.

Mackage: The mack-daddy of coats. Gorgeous and forward-thinking designs for both wool and puff.  More expensive, for sure. But absolutely worth it.

How hot is this coat? Fur collar, bell sleeves, off-set zipper. Shut the Front Door...this is my favorite.

Now get some mittens and your favorite hat and be warm and dry. Step into half-melted snow with confidence.  Frolick to your heart’s content.


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