Chic Girl of the Day: Michelle

7 Dec

Casual Friday at it’s most chic. Michelle has recently been expanding her wardrobe parameters (with a little encouragement from me). Working in marketing with me, she has no choice but to think outside her fashion box! Her outfits are always impeccable and always fit her like a glove. But she has been exploring more creative ways to put her wardrobe together.   This outfit from Friday is proof positive.


The red, shawl collar sweater is a warm alternative to a structured blazer and the deep v is a universally flattering neckline. But, to give it some shape, she added a wide belt that shows off her itsy-bitsy waist. (As an alternative she could easily wear this same cardigan open and un-belted for a slouchy, but pulled together look.) She’s brought in well-fitted, straight-legged jeans that make her look slender, tall, and modern.

And, my favorite…kick-ass black, peep toe, platform pumps that look like they belong on a rock star from the mid-80s (scoot over Mötley Crüe!).

Notice her dark-framed glasses and add them to these shoes–it’s a well-orchestrated combination of edge and funk.

Let’s not forget her swooping bangs, flippy, strawberry blonde hair–it’s a do that is done right.

Trés chic, trés magnifique, trés Meee-chelle.


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