It’s back! Chic Girl of the Day – Jenn

3 Dec

Today’s Chic Girl is brought to you by the letter J, for Jenn.

Jenn is a graphic designer and colleague of mine.  Forever working in colors, templates, style guides, and other things that could cramp her graphic style, she excels in pushing the style limits in her clothes.  The best part? Jenn’s a new mom and looks better than ever. Let’s take a look…

Jenn has done a stellar job at combining pieces from different seasons to be totally appropriate for December in NY.

The hot pink dress with draped sides is feminine in that Grecian sort of way. But it’s comfortable enough to sit at her desk and work away on the countless projects we throw mercilessly at her. The deep V-neck draws attention up to her pretty face, opens her neckline and elongates her upper body, and is subtly sexy to without being gratuitous.  The traditional blazer in the navy blue counterbalances the fluid dress with structure and gives a nod toward “office appropriate” (though, in publishing, anything goes).  Even more fun are gray tights and caramel colored boots. All of the pieces don’t necessarily “match”, they “go.”

And she went!

Jenn has accomplished a figure-flattering outfit, doubled the use of her summer wardrobe by carrying it through to early winter, and chosen colors that make her cheeks bright and a standout in the halls and cafeteria (the infamous fashion show catwalk of the publishing industry).

Well done, and super chic!


One Response to “It’s back! Chic Girl of the Day – Jenn”

  1. mdashing December 3, 2009 at 11:23 pm #

    I LOVE “Chic Girl of the Day”! More more more!

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